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Try Guys Test A Drunk Obstacle Course

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  • Opublikowany 14 lis 2023
  • The Try Guys Drunk Vs High is back and better than ever! Eugene, Zach, and Keith all try their hand at going through an obstacle course sober and drunk to see how they compare. Come back next Wednesday to see the guys try the course high!
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Komentarze • 2,2K

  • @catzie_78
    @catzie_78 23 dni temu +17296

    Getting the American Ninja Warrior hosts to come do this is crazy

    • @AmbroseReed
      @AmbroseReed 23 dni temu +192

      Was just about to comment this!

    • @violetvaughn2281
      @violetvaughn2281 23 dni temu +82

      Was so excited!!!

    • @izznt
      @izznt 23 dni temu +233

      I'm screaming , idgaf about most sports , but I will chest pound for American Ninja Warrior

    • @gothic56796
      @gothic56796 23 dni temu +105

      It鈥檚 so crazy but im also not surprised by them, they can literally get anyone to come be in a video probably 馃槀

    • @amandamiyahira3106
      @amandamiyahira3106 23 dni temu +44

      My wife and I screamed when they came on. We love them!!!

  • @redgirl2010x2
    @redgirl2010x2 21 dzie艅 temu +1610

    keith telling zach 鈥測ou鈥檙e younger than us and that surprises some people鈥 was the funniest thing. i died laughing 馃槀馃槀

    • @sparkylikestrash3788
      @sparkylikestrash3788 Dzie艅 temu +1

      the IMMEDIATE apology lmao

    • @angietoonz6605
      @angietoonz6605 22 godzin temu

      it's odd to me cause i was never surprised Zach is younger. He has a baby face and his references are a bit younger.

  • @frecklefreak1467
    @frecklefreak1467 23 dni temu +3727

    I love how Zach's method for getting MJ to laugh was just bribery and begging 馃槀

    • @Rose-xs8hk
      @Rose-xs8hk 22 dni temu +77

      He did what he needed to do 馃槀

    • @courtneykowalke9856
      @courtneykowalke9856 21 dzie艅 temu +58

      It's even more hilarious because I thought Zach had the best set in "Try Guys Try Stand-Up Comedy." He should have stolen some of his own past material! 馃槀

    • @sanderstar1000
      @sanderstar1000 15 dni temu +4

      So funny. I laughed so hard

    • @kt5972
      @kt5972 14 dni temu +7

      Lou Wilson from Dropout came to mind for me, "Please let me win".

    • @flavorbritt
      @flavorbritt 12 dni temu +3

      He knew his audience 馃槀

  • @weeone01
    @weeone01 22 dni temu +1760

    "Would you leave a piano in the rain? No! Don't put an organ outside!"
    Keith is so naturally funny 馃槀

    • @katelynjessie2789
      @katelynjessie2789 21 dzie艅 temu +17

      He鈥檚 had dad jokes since day 1

    • @heatherb1612
      @heatherb1612 21 dzie艅 temu +4

      Taylor Swift wishing she took this advice. 馃槈馃槀

    • @claraberg1214
      @claraberg1214 21 dzie艅 temu +2

      I literally began reading your comment the MOMENT it was said in the video.. that was wild 馃槀馃槀

    • @sanderstar1000
      @sanderstar1000 15 dni temu


    • @sandywave4971
      @sandywave4971 15 godzin temu

      His stand up had me laughing so so hard. He said 鈥渨here is she鈥?鈥 馃ぃ馃槀馃槀

  • @sarahleidhold740
    @sarahleidhold740 22 dni temu +2955

    I don鈥檛 know why but Keith saying 鈥淚 haven鈥檛 touched a basketball in years. Why would I?鈥 almost has me spitting out my breakfast laughing.

    • @sarahleidhold740
      @sarahleidhold740 22 dni temu +21

      Also that liquid ID ad was fantastic lol

    • @anuheajai
      @anuheajai 16 dni temu +23

      when he said 鈥渕y clothes aren鈥檛 gluten free?鈥 i was cackling

    • @sanderstar1000
      @sanderstar1000 15 dni temu


  • @dragondungeon6986
    @dragondungeon6986 22 dni temu +1500

    I feel like zach's experience actually really illustrates why drinking heavily is a common coping mechanism for people with anxiety. This is why its so easy to fall into patterns and overdo it. In some cases people aren鈥檛 wrong- they actually do perform better and that can lead to a very slippery slope.

    • @Steveve4123
      @Steveve4123 21 dzie艅 temu +38

      Excellent point

    • @rachelwade5369
      @rachelwade5369 20 dni temu +165

      Add to this he lives with chronic pain, long term alcohol makes it worse but in the moment intoxication can distract from pain and even impact the signals from the central nervous system so pain is felt less acutely. Meaning doing physical tasks while drunk may not feel as painful as sober. I also experience chronic pain and my SO has AS.

    • @LPdedicated
      @LPdedicated 20 dni temu +90

      I feel this. I have ADHD, so I have a very hard time pacing myself when drinking but: the chaos and noise that's in my head 24/7 just evaporates for a while; I can focus better and I get highly productive. And that sweet dopamine just keeps coming. I also have severe OCD, anxiety and depression, and in those moments with alcohol it's just... gone. So yes, it's extremely tempting but also dangerous.

    • @katiekat9693
      @katiekat9693 20 dni temu +26

      鈥婡@LPdedicatedjust to add to this. Alcohol is a depressant so for a bit it works as a reliver but if you become a regular drinker it may make your depression worse.

    • @marlina.999
      @marlina.999 19 dni temu +10

      i tell people this. i personally perform better with things with alcohol in my system and people say thats terrible. which its not, as long as controlled and not abused. alcohol is a confidence booster

  • @ongjiewei
    @ongjiewei 23 dni temu +7569

    Everyone: Eugene is back!!! Yeah!!!
    Also everyone: DRUNK EUGENE IS BACK!!! YEAAAAAAAAH!!!!!

    • @SilkyC
      @SilkyC 23 dni temu +45

      This is the most accurate comment!!!

    • @mishiara5499
      @mishiara5499 23 dni temu +65

      I miss him its like he aint a try guy anymore this is more a guest appearance.

    • @mishiara5499
      @mishiara5499 23 dni temu +26

      Are we really surprised the texan is good at shooting? 馃ぃ

    • @mishiara5499
      @mishiara5499 23 dni temu +5

      Can we talk about the dr having lips like pillows i wanna take a rest in? 馃槏

    • @ace-of-bats
      @ace-of-bats 23 dni temu +30

      And next week (?), we get one of our favorite Eugenes of all: HIGH EUGENE!!! (High Eugene is second only to Zoogene on the scale of Eugene adorableness.)

  • @andreayg0
    @andreayg0 23 dni temu +768

    Keith鈥檚 鈥淚鈥檇 love you no matter who you love, son鈥 was def meant for Henry

    • @TheBetheenie
      @TheBetheenie 22 dni temu +99

      Literally had me in tears the way he so sweetly spoke to Eugene, almost as if he knew Eugene needed to hear it 鉂 he's gonna be such a great dad to Henry 鉂

    • @marlina.999
      @marlina.999 19 dni temu +37

      @@TheBetheenieDOES KEITH HAVE A BABY?

    • @melissacontreras8721
      @melissacontreras8721 19 dni temu +65

      @@marlina.999yes! I鈥檓 not sure if they鈥檝e mentioned him on the main channel but they made the announcement on the podcasts a couple of weeks ago :-)

    • @shellstutes
      @shellstutes 4 dni temu +3

      @@marlina.999Beckie also mentioned it in one of the Cheesecake Factory videos

  • @allisfar1
    @allisfar1 22 dni temu +332

    I know Eugene is busy and is definitely doing a lot and does not have as much time for Try guys BUT DAMN its sooo good to see the OG boys back in a video together.

  • @Julianaao2601
    @Julianaao2601 23 dni temu +1476

    Eugene is an aggressive drunk and Keith is an aggressive sober 馃槀馃槀

  • @reynaortiz-mrtinez7561
    @reynaortiz-mrtinez7561 21 dzie艅 temu +117

    Is it just me or does it seem Eugene has more fun with Zach and Keith now than in previous videos? He seemed kinda distant a lot but now he seems more involved it鈥檚 cute all three

    • @blammmed
      @blammmed 9 dni temu +9

      either he knows them better and is more comfortable or hes just generally happier

    • @kokoronotakara
      @kokoronotakara Dzie艅 temu +5

      Its probably cuz of 154lbs they lost...

  • @jessh2528
    @jessh2528 23 dni temu +184

    "I feel like the crew hates this stuff."
    "...of course they do, we're idiots."

  • @kymonet6109
    @kymonet6109 23 dni temu +4370

    I know Eugene is booked and busy but I've missed him just vibing with Keith and Zach 馃槀

    • @gracebonifabulous
      @gracebonifabulous 23 dni temu +63

      Omg same

    • @lwphinney
      @lwphinney 23 dni temu +391

      Same. I appreciate the other people stepping in, but there鈥檚 just nothing like these three best friends having the time of their life.

    • @clueless023
      @clueless023 23 dni temu +30

      where is he busy tho :'/

    • @Happynick88
      @Happynick88 22 dni temu +12

      Big same for me. I've missed him being around more!

  • @hispanerd880
    @hispanerd880 22 dni temu +661

    Fun Fact: Did you know the reason why they have a medical professional teaching you about the effects of substances in your system is to able to label their video as "educational", so the video WON'T get demonetized!

    • @PeckPecko
      @PeckPecko 20 dni temu +10

      holy shit

    • @violeta4460
      @violeta4460 19 dni temu +90

      It literally is educational though, so what鈥檚 the issue?

    • @TheLedyastroangela
      @TheLedyastroangela 18 dni temu +27

      That makes sense, since PLclip complains a lot about this kind of stuff, even if its just educational

    • @toxicallypink
      @toxicallypink 8 dni temu +8

      it also makes it x10 funnier so good choice

  • @melissacritell3291
    @melissacritell3291 22 dni temu +485

    It took me WAAAAY too long to realize Eugene was telling Spiderman jokes because the staffs name is "MJ". Hahaha

  • @nicoleolmsted2327
    @nicoleolmsted2327 22 dni temu +368

    Eugene doing "Magic Foot" to spell mosquito made my heart happy

    • @srryimolive
      @srryimolive 19 dni temu +9

      the way i ran to the comments to see if anyone thought bout that 馃ス

    • @kennethtaylor6525
      @kennethtaylor6525 16 dni temu +8

      idk but is that a "putnam county spelling bee" reference???

    • @donutnarwhal135
      @donutnarwhal135 15 dni temu +6

      it's such a niche reference and I got way too excited about it.

    • @leorolfert9723
      @leorolfert9723 11 dni temu +3

      Yes me too!!

  • @Marie1300
    @Marie1300 22 dni temu +194

    I love Keith being the supportive dad while tying a tie on Eugene. That was sweet.

  • @monicaaxo383
    @monicaaxo383 17 dni temu +169

    鈥淵ou guys wanna put on some PitBull鈥 Zach is a whole mood after a shot 馃槶馃ぃ

  • @federicapiottoli6922
    @federicapiottoli6922 23 dni temu +4222

    The doctor saying "if you're sober we expect you to have good coordination" interlapsed with clips of the guys being absolutely unable to score at basketball is this series equivalent of the expert saying not to do something and cutting to one of them doing exactly it on Without a Recipe 馃槀

  • @jasmineperry7398
    @jasmineperry7398 16 dni temu +44

    Zach doing well while drunk and then being like we're sending the wrong message but then him going the wrong way so as he turned around then he corrected himself saying we're sending the right message absolutely killed me oh my God I love this 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀

  • @SnackBasket
    @SnackBasket 22 dni temu +251

    It might be the trauma taalking but watching these guys hang out and just be such great friends always makes me tear up

  • @valeria_sue777
    @valeria_sue777 20 dni temu +53

    Eugene, Keith and Zach fighting over a fictional character's name is the most authentic representation of the Oldest- Middle - Youngest child on the Internet!

  • @whyhellothere6855
    @whyhellothere6855 23 dni temu +62

    Eugene: do a cool pose!
    Keith: *proceeds to do the fruitiest pose I鈥檝e ever seen*

  • @ApatheticEyebrowRaise
    @ApatheticEyebrowRaise 16 dni temu +64

    Eugene shutting down to hide that he is in a vulnerable position is a blast from the past, and Zack trying to rile him up while Keith diffuses the situation through humour is perfect.

  • @jjj8940
    @jjj8940 23 dni temu +5768

    I鈥檓 a simple girl, I see Eugene in the thumbnail, I get very excited

    • @jeneipowers6341
      @jeneipowers6341 23 dni temu +32

      I didnt even see Eugene in the thumbnail i just clicked when i saw the notification馃拃馃槀

    • @witchbtch8155
      @witchbtch8155 23 dni temu +132

      Being that he's barely in videos anymore, we all get pretty excited, boo.

    • @deborahriveraleal2753
      @deborahriveraleal2753 23 dni temu +6

      Me too!!

    • @beautyganguly6445
      @beautyganguly6445 23 dni temu +4

      Me too鉂わ笍馃ぃ

    • @carringtonpilon1310
      @carringtonpilon1310 23 dni temu +18

      As a guy, same.
      Also, I鈥檇 give you a like but it鈥檚 at 69 and I don鈥檛 wanna ruin it.

  • @Loudi27x
    @Loudi27x 23 dni temu +111

    鈥淗ow am I out of breath from mini golf鈥 ZACH KILLLLLED ME THERE

  • @meganlilyflower
    @meganlilyflower 22 dni temu +80

    The editing of them singing you ready for this while a doctor says really intense anti drinking messages is iconic

  • @silent_day
    @silent_day 16 dni temu +26

    I love the doctor because he looks like he's prepped for a serious interview when the try guys are being all sloppy while he's giving his knowledge LOLLLL

  • @Emmastasia18
    @Emmastasia18 21 dzie艅 temu +33

    How fast MJ took the fifty bucks was such a mood馃槀馃槀

  • @sharlaeroby9650
    @sharlaeroby9650 21 dzie艅 temu +32

    Anyone else super excited to see Eugene?! I love the guys.. but it was nice to see him

  • @AngelicaWalters
    @AngelicaWalters 23 dni temu +1471

    zach doing better drunk is actually my favorite thing to come from this video

    • @MaddyLockman
      @MaddyLockman 22 dni temu +109

      The alcohol cancels out all of the cortisol coursing throughout his stressed out and achy little bod

    • @spencykings3182
      @spencykings3182 22 dni temu +37

      *PLEASE!!! PLEASE, MJ , PLEASE!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!* probably did him a lot of favors

    • @EterPuralis
      @EterPuralis 21 dzie艅 temu +7

      Didn't we all kind of call that, tho? Somewhere?

  • @mistbored
    @mistbored 22 dni temu +105

    鈥渨ould you leave a piano in the rain? don鈥檛 put an organ outside!鈥 absolutely killer joke snuck in by keith there at the end LMAO

  • @cdocenko
    @cdocenko 22 dni temu +35

    I'm so happy they did a sober control run! Proper science BAY BEEE

  • @tickledtoffee2913
    @tickledtoffee2913 16 dni temu +26

    OMFG Matt Iseman?! He's an actual hero! He changed my mom's life and saved my family! My mom (also a doc) got diagnosed with RA after he spoke about his diagnosis and she always credits him as the person who gave her the courage to get the tests done. And when she did, she got the proper treatment and it literally changed her life and it saved our family from breaking apart. Absolutely all my love to Matt, I truly hope he's doing really well and is living the life he deserves xxx

  • @daniellecroce7
    @daniellecroce7 22 dni temu +41

    Eugene deciding to be a try guy when it poses the opportunity to get drunk or high is hilarious and I love it馃槀 I love these guys so much!

  • @eden8992
    @eden8992 22 dni temu +66

    "Eugene is a beautiful, one of a kind artistic vision that I admire."

  • @almabolanos3735
    @almabolanos3735 23 dni temu +2853

    Zach: How do you think I鈥檓 aging?
    Keith: You鈥檙e younger than us and that鈥檚 a surprise to some people

    • @jmason1770
      @jmason1770 23 dni temu +221

      And some people are shocked that Eugene is the oldest.

    • @doctoursatan
      @doctoursatan 23 dni temu +79

      this part literally massacred me

    • @leahmoore6820
      @leahmoore6820 23 dni temu +37

      By four years!

    • @purebottle
      @purebottle 23 dni temu +30

      鈥媔 am today years old finding this out lahskajs

    • @leahmoore6820
      @leahmoore6820 23 dni temu +29

      @@purebottle 1986, 87, 90. Eugene is the oldest.

  • @dsmith215
    @dsmith215 22 dni temu +24

    Eugene seems a lot more relaxed and happy than he鈥檚 been in the past few videos he was in. 馃檪

  • @MadsRadXO
    @MadsRadXO 21 dzie艅 temu +56

    It was funny to begin with, but the "hosts" had me ROLLING 馃槶 "I've seen more intentional painting at a Pablo Picasso." 馃拃馃拃

  • @jenniferhof9448
    @jenniferhof9448 23 dni temu +83

    The fact that Keith had so much trouble with the mini golf control run when he has an entire video from the beginning of lockdown where he built his own mini golf. lol

  • @Lfiddler4life
    @Lfiddler4life 22 dni temu +13

    I really appreciate including doctors as health experts to make the videos slightly educational and also fun

  • @felixhenson9926
    @felixhenson9926 23 dni temu +47

    Eugene and Zach were fucking hilarious in this ngl. "It's wheat" killed me 馃槀馃槀馃槀 also "STOP CHASING ME no wait, we're both Asian"

  • @scarletjunyi
    @scarletjunyi 23 dni temu +2186

    Eugene: aggressive drunk
    Zach: confident drunk
    Keith: sad drunk
    Love to see the three of them again, this episode had me laughing the whole way through 馃ぃ馃ぃ

  • @jaylenegutierrez9574
    @jaylenegutierrez9574 19 dni temu +18

    I love when Eugene has time in his busy schedule to bless us with a video with us!!! Love you all tho, Eugene, Keith, Zach, and of course Kwesi lol

  • @LY43537
    @LY43537 19 dni temu +12

    I鈥檓 stunned by how well Eugene tied that tie while so drunk that he fell off the bannister.

  • @vickimorelos8897
    @vickimorelos8897 20 dni temu +21

    I love how supportive Eugene is when Keith is feeling discouraged 馃枻

  • @mushroom4286
    @mushroom4286 18 dni temu +12

    EUGENE! OUR KING HAS RETURNED ONCE MORE! Also I鈥檓 shook they managed to get the American ninja warrior hosts in this video too!

  • @desireecowling167
    @desireecowling167 22 dni temu +55

    Keith turned into pops during the balloons is so funny. Eugene being a perfect shot and from Texas is perfection.

  • @clairvaux8459
    @clairvaux8459 23 dni temu +2875

    Learning Eugene drinks less than Keith is like the first time I learned Keith eats super healthy outside of Eat the Menu videos

    • @Bluey306
      @Bluey306 22 dni temu +164

      honestly, I'm unsurprised by Keith being less affected by alcohol. I remember when the Guys (yes, included one Nedward) did a 4 parter of My Drunk Kitchen with Hannah Hart. if you compare all the videos, Keith was acting the most like his sober self.

    • @aSwedishGirl
      @aSwedishGirl 22 dni temu +59

      might do with him being korean.. they usually can't handle alcohol as well plus Keith is a tall, bit rounded dude.

    • @nattylite9220
      @nattylite9220 21 dzie艅 temu +13

      @@Bluey306I remember that vid, definitely agree Keith was the most himself, he definitely seemed more sober or atleast in control

    • @petitebaje
      @petitebaje 21 dzie艅 temu +2

      These are all elements that came later xD.

    • @Venrajade
      @Venrajade 21 dzie艅 temu +8

      @@aSwedishGirl Koreans drink the most shots outside of Russians though??? That after work culture

  • @MissAmuChee
    @MissAmuChee 16 dni temu +6

    Keith being flabbergasted by Eugene's "thread is wheat" had me done for 馃ぃ

  • @samanthaskenandore7191
    @samanthaskenandore7191 22 dni temu +12

    Me to myself: "I can't believe Matt and Akbar actually agreed to do this!"
    Akbar to myself: "I can't believe we actually agreed to be here today!" 馃槼

  • @marky165
    @marky165 22 dni temu +25

    Zack doesn't drink for a reason. We should fear him

  • @erinerinbobearin
    @erinerinbobearin 22 dni temu +28

    I鈥檝e missed them so much together. I love seeing them act goofy together.

  • @graceeva2398
    @graceeva2398 23 dni temu +35

    I didn鈥檛 stop laughing this entire episode, so happy to see the band back together 鉂

  • @amandanettles7674
    @amandanettles7674 23 dni temu +1987

    I love how them popping the ballons reflects EXACTLY on their personalities:
    Keith is being silly, giggling the whole way, but reasonably successful,
    Zach is panicking a lil, probably making it harder than it should be,
    and then Eugene... a frickin machine of rainbows and deadliness.

    • @Scrofar
      @Scrofar 23 dni temu +55

      Zach got the MOVES tho
      meanwhile Eugene... truly should never be handed sharp objects while drunk 馃槀馃槀

    • @kyokonightstorm5844
      @kyokonightstorm5844 22 dni temu +18

      Rainbows and deadliness XD Yeah, sounds like Eugene alright.

  • @laceyrose1176
    @laceyrose1176 16 dni temu +5

    It's so nice to see all three of them together in a video again ^^

  • @knk2387
    @knk2387 15 dni temu +3

    They way they advertise their sponsors is the best and only way to do it. It鈥檚 entertaining and I鈥檒l actually watch the whole thing

  • @vikki961
    @vikki961 2 dni temu +1

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    The audience: BACKWARDS!

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    • @Yawnybones
      @Yawnybones 23 dni temu +202

      @@geraldineyorarou2221 You're accusing OP of pandering without any evidence to support it. How do you know that they aren't just expressing their happiness with the cast? You don't.
      You're the one who needs to be better for yourself.

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    • @joeshonk9715
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