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Can Keith Guess The Fried Chicken Sandwich?

Umie艣膰 na stronie
  • Opublikowany 8 gru 2023
  • Is Keith a fried chicken god? Is he the sommelier of fast food? Today, he takes on four 2nd Try staff members who try to stump him in his knowledge of fried chicken sandwiches.
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Komentarze • 915

  • @dramatic_emma
    @dramatic_emma 2 miesi臋cy temu +9292

    If you do something like this again - cover Keith in egg, flour, buttermilk and bread crumbs so by the end - HES the true fried chicken he missed!

    • @ruthless3253
      @ruthless3253 2 miesi臋cy temu +91


    • @kirbyusbwarmer
      @kirbyusbwarmer 2 miesi臋cy temu +133

      i read this before watching the video and i thought there was a real freak in the comments

    • @MbitaChizi
      @MbitaChizi 2 miesi臋cy temu +4

      Guys My parents said if I get 15k followers here They'd get me a better camera for recording.. begging u guys, literally begging

    • @rebecca14114
      @rebecca14114 2 miesi臋cy temu +6

      Can't believe they didn't think of this!!!

  • @biacosta4184
    @biacosta4184 2 miesi臋cy temu +2216

    This would be iconic with Zach and tea flavours or Eugene with cocktails lmao

  • @emilypolanowski9991
    @emilypolanowski9991 2 miesi臋cy temu +2793

    seeing miles tugs on the heart strings after hearing the news of him leaving the try guys, i love the energy he brings

    • @agwarddd
      @agwarddd 2 miesi臋cy temu +181

      He鈥檒l still appear from time to time, so I鈥檓 just holding onto that 馃ゲ

    • @jmason1770
      @jmason1770 2 miesi臋cy temu +82

      He's still gonna be on the plog

    • @jennymcelligott
      @jennymcelligott 2 miesi臋cy temu +64

      He鈥檚 still going to be there just not as a full time employee.

    • @hnichole
      @hnichole 2 miesi臋cy temu +22

      Wait, I hadn't heard this! From the other comments it looks like he's not quitting, but could anyone in the know explain to me what the situation is?

    • @agwarddd
      @agwarddd 2 miesi臋cy temu +113

      @@hnichole he鈥檚 confirmed on his channel that he quit the job with Second Try LLC. He鈥檚 remaining active with the podcast and appearing in videos as a guest, but he鈥檚 no longer an employee of the company. He wants to move on to do his own thing going forward.

  • @sarahofalltradespod
    @sarahofalltradespod 2 miesi臋cy temu +218

    miles guest starring as "guy who wants to pour chocolate over his boss so badly he's feral" is so iconic. that's MY perfect person

  • @ongjiewei
    @ongjiewei 2 miesi臋cy temu +2113

    Keith describing Jollibee as having a Wendy's stink is hurting more than expected

    • @startolentino757
      @startolentino757 2 miesi臋cy temu +7

      Was disappointing

    • @gingerdog8203
      @gingerdog8203 2 miesi臋cy temu +18

      I feel like he said that because he thought it was a wendy鈥檚 sandwich based on the feel of it

    • @MbitaChizi
      @MbitaChizi 2 miesi臋cy temu +3

      Guys My parents said if I get 15k followers here They'd get me a better camera for recording.. begging u guys, literally begging

    • @notmybusiness9920
      @notmybusiness9920 2 miesi臋cy temu +10

      As someone who's worked in both, it hurt my soul

  • @federicapiottoli6922
    @federicapiottoli6922 2 miesi臋cy temu +2702

    Loving this Jack in front of the camera content we've been getting lately

  • @yugenknows740
    @yugenknows740 2 miesi臋cy temu +1396

    Loved the silent ladder argument. 馃槀

    • @jmason1770
      @jmason1770 2 miesi臋cy temu +67

      Such a siblings vibe!

    • @Alice-nt4qr
      @Alice-nt4qr 2 miesi臋cy temu +21

      Highlight of the vid

    • @iamsheunicorn00
      @iamsheunicorn00 2 miesi臋cy temu +16

      I replayed that portion a couple of times. 馃槀

  • @deannathai2126
    @deannathai2126 2 miesi臋cy temu +897

    Whoever edited this video and added the hilarious description, just made my day and deserves a raise 馃憦馃徎馃憦馃徎馃憦馃徎

    • @whereyoubean
      @whereyoubean 2 miesi臋cy temu +16

      Skyler edited this video

    • @JacobFKeller
      @JacobFKeller 2 miesi臋cy temu +8

      Someone is a fan of @howtodrink. (which is cool)

  • @slipstreambanter
    @slipstreambanter 2 miesi臋cy temu +730

    Zach just wiping Keith's face was so wholesome, especially when Keith was like, "yeah okay" like it's so normal for them to do that.

  • @orthenight
    @orthenight 2 miesi臋cy temu +352

    I would love to see Jonny Cakes doing this with different bakeries (Sprinkles, Magnolia, etc.) or Miles with different coffee places!

  • @hhugs91
    @hhugs91 2 miesi臋cy temu +663

    the most Keith video ever made, and i'm here for every second of it

    • @MbitaChizi
      @MbitaChizi 2 miesi臋cy temu

      Guys My parents said if I get 15k followers here They'd get me a better camera for recording.. begging u guys, literally begging

  • @maddycarter1642
    @maddycarter1642 2 miesi臋cy temu +315

    can we please have a sequel? I have not even finished it but I already want this to be a series

  • @busybree
    @busybree 2 miesi臋cy temu +402

    Absolutely love the interaction with Miles and Rainie at 11:02 馃槀

  • @MelissaG82
    @MelissaG82 2 miesi臋cy temu +394

    Love the staff telling Keith not to taste the wrappers and bags! 馃槀
    Also loving how he can tell what color a bag is by the sound and feel of it. Blindfolded Keith is super sassy. 馃槅

    • @monochromaticbullet190
      @monochromaticbullet190 2 miesi臋cy temu +10

      i mean you should never lick food packaging due to PFAS being used to make it water resistant
      (i work in a lab that tests for pfas, it's very bad)

  • @lenareis8946
    @lenareis8946 2 miesi臋cy temu +535

    Getting jack as a cast member and not only as a sound guy has been great so far! he is so charismatic

  • @milkingalmond2532
    @milkingalmond2532 2 miesi臋cy temu +383

    i hope this channel always realises how great it is and how much of a impact its had on the yt scene. ik alot of youtubers are chasing numberrs and stuff but i hope all staff for this channel can just take a few moments reading this and reaslie how fucking cool they all are and how amazing they arre all doing WELL DONE

    • @MbitaChizi
      @MbitaChizi 2 miesi臋cy temu +2

      Guys My parents said if I get 15k followers here They'd get me a better camera for recording.. begging u guys, literally begging

  • @rebeccabehrens4472
    @rebeccabehrens4472 2 miesi臋cy temu +99

    Keith grossing Jack out kills me. His little gasps at each mouth noise. Miles and Rainie killing it in that poncho. Miles whispering in Keith's ear cracked me up.

  • @noellev9332
    @noellev9332 2 miesi臋cy temu +211

    This is suchhhh a good video. One of the funniest ones in a while for me. Please do this series again! Keith is hilarious as always but getting him blindfolded is a whole new level of comedy

  • @rebeccabehrens4472
    @rebeccabehrens4472 2 miesi臋cy temu +49

    3:43 in and I already love this video. The concept, the vibe, the editing, Keith tonguing the chicken sandwich, eating the wrapper, screaming I'm a sommelier. Love to see the staff. Please do more like this.

  • @whereyoubean
    @whereyoubean 2 miesi臋cy temu +183

    Love this Staff vs. Boss video. More of this please!

  • @MichaelaEvans
    @MichaelaEvans 2 miesi臋cy temu +128

    You guys should definitely do this again. Choose four different places and throw in some chicken nuggets!

  • @OkEdgedancer
    @OkEdgedancer 2 miesi臋cy temu +256

    Miles is on a power trip 馃槀

    • @rebeccabehrens4472
      @rebeccabehrens4472 2 miesi臋cy temu +18

      Whispers in ear, "I'm gonna get you little boy." So funny and creepy.

  • @Namite0001
    @Namite0001 2 miesi臋cy temu +60

    Lol Rainie's little mess up was really cute!! We love the podcast crew making a main channel appearance!!

  • @asha_vere
    @asha_vere 2 miesi臋cy temu +44

    The editing for this video was SUPERB. Love the music played while in the slow mo pours as well as the iokes and movie references in the side lists. Miles saying "I'm gonna getchu lil boy!" right in Keith's ear was pretty great too 馃槀馃槀

  • @leinaluo9763
    @leinaluo9763 2 miesi臋cy temu +163

    After this video I'm kinda even more sad, that Miles left. He just has such a great vibe鉂

    • @mackenziekirk6030
      @mackenziekirk6030 2 miesi臋cy temu

      Miles left??? Why??

    • @meganmcarthur899
      @meganmcarthur899 2 miesi臋cy temu +13

      @@mackenziekirk6030he鈥檚 still going to be on the plog and in some videos. He just wanted to start doing his own thing and quit his job at the company. Nothing dramatic.

  • @reloreo2899
    @reloreo2899 Miesi膮c temu +1

    Rainey being confused and miles gesticulating wildy was perfect. 馃槀

  • @samanthaw.9449
    @samanthaw.9449 2 miesi臋cy temu +15

    Shoutout to whoever did the bullet point details on these sammys . They kept catching me off guard with how damn funny they were 馃槀馃槀

  • @ByrdTheWyrd.
    @ByrdTheWyrd. 2 miesi臋cy temu +177

    Watching this after seeing Miles decided to quit... it's bittersweet seeing him :')

    • @whereyoubean
      @whereyoubean 2 miesi臋cy temu +39

      He will still work there. But I feel more like Kwesi/Jared and he鈥檚 still be part of the Trypod (also on the staff rollcall in the description, he鈥檚 still the Podcast Producer)

    • @gracesull78756
      @gracesull78756 2 miesi臋cy temu +11

      damn this is how im finding out 馃槶

    • @jake9107
      @jake9107 2 miesi臋cy temu +3

      youre over reacting

    • @coco961
      @coco961 2 miesi臋cy temu +3

      How did I not know about this

    • @unapologeticallylizzy
      @unapologeticallylizzy 2 miesi臋cy temu +3

      I'm sorry, what.

  • @Luke-Rick
    @Luke-Rick 2 miesi臋cy temu +80

    It's bittersweet to see Miles, but I'm really glad that it wont be the last we see of him with the Try Guys or on the internet in general!

  • @rebeccabehrens4472
    @rebeccabehrens4472 2 miesi臋cy temu +24

    Props to Skyler for editing! This was hilarious. You killed it.

  • @avantikakulkarni5971
    @avantikakulkarni5971 2 miesi臋cy temu +64

    The editing on this video was fantastic 鉁 love that we got a new format

  • @natsukiyuuyu
    @natsukiyuuyu 2 miesi臋cy temu +18

    Rainie being unsure of who should be pouring the water was the cutest 馃グ but I didn't expect Keith to be making guesses based on the packaging too 馃槄

  • @buckykatt24
    @buckykatt24 2 miesi臋cy temu +22

    This is one of the better videos you guys have released recently. Love the format, length, and editing. I know you guys are trying out new stuff, but remember this video. It's a great format.

  • @penguincgm489
    @penguincgm489 10 dni temu

    Miles's whispering to Keith is sooo funny lol Thank you Desiree for successfully to beat Keith, the chocolate pouring on Keith is hilarious馃ぃ

  • @clairvaux8459
    @clairvaux8459 2 miesi臋cy temu +62

    "Chicken sommelier" with the way he's doing incomprehensible things like suckling the burger and eating the paper bag, yeah I believe it 馃槀 the layman would never understand the purpose of his actions

  • @sammycat4310
    @sammycat4310 2 miesi臋cy temu +43

    Giving Keith the Raising Cane鈥檚 fries helped him out.

    • @mattcottrell3286
      @mattcottrell3286 2 miesi臋cy temu +5

      The sauce is also pretty distinct! This video made me want some 馃槃

    • @sammycat4310
      @sammycat4310 2 miesi臋cy temu +1

      @@mattcottrell3286 That鈥檚 true.

  • @britnys.9755
    @britnys.9755 2 miesi臋cy temu +49

    Okay I love this format 馃槀 Also shout-out to whoever edited this. So funny

  • @jenb9148
    @jenb9148 2 miesi臋cy temu +66

    What a lovely parting gift for Miles 馃槀

  • @MizzRychcik
    @MizzRychcik 2 miesi臋cy temu +94

    One thing is for sure...Keith CAN entertain!!!

  • @mkayd1027
    @mkayd1027 2 miesi臋cy temu +22

    This is one of the funniest try guys videos I've seen in a while. I like the big production videos they do, but they're honestly at their best when they do this simple, silly stuff!! I loved this!

  • @lucifer68661
    @lucifer68661 Miesi膮c temu +1

    Please do another episode of this, it's GREAT !!!

  • @user-tg9rx6ps5c
    @user-tg9rx6ps5c 2 miesi臋cy temu +8

    One thing is for sure...Keith CAN entertain!!!. Absolutely love the interaction with Miles and Rainie at 11:02 .

  • @amalilconfused
    @amalilconfused 2 miesi臋cy temu +5

    The staff really know their episodes - they know how to pick the burgers that Keith might not know because he probably hadn鈥檛 eaten it in Eat The Menu.

  • @aauubbrreeyy13
    @aauubbrreeyy13 2 miesi臋cy temu +4

    Keith is really channeling 鈥淚 think you should leave鈥 vibes and I love it馃槀

  • @babywitches1750
    @babywitches1750 2 miesi臋cy temu +27

    this was hysterical, more please. I wish to Keith rise to fried chicken god status

  • @starralert2678
    @starralert2678 2 miesi臋cy temu +1

    I love this because you can tell everyone really wanted to prove keith wrong and keith so badly wants to be right 馃槀

  • @alexh9614
    @alexh9614 2 miesi臋cy temu +4

    Since everyone did chicken sandwiches this time I think there needs to be another round with nuggets or strips

  • @jm64XD
    @jm64XD 2 miesi臋cy temu +21

    Whoever edited this video you're the greatest 馃槀 i have been really depressed for a while and this video really uplifted my spirits you guys are amazing馃槀

  • @titania642
    @titania642 2 miesi臋cy temu +5

    Keith really shines when he's frustrated and/or indignant so this video was in a word, perfect.

  • @rebeccahambalek4265
    @rebeccahambalek4265 15 dni temu

    Shoutout to the editors, the editing on this vid is INCREDIBLE

  • @kellyneary4
    @kellyneary4 2 miesi臋cy temu +13

    the (one former one current) podcast gremlins being the ones with the buckets made it even more entertaining because of their chaotic energy 馃槀馃帀

  • @PopQuizPH
    @PopQuizPH 2 miesi臋cy temu +40

    Okay Jack bringing in a Jollibee sandwich solidifies my stan status for him 鉂も潳鉂

  • @idohearthatersdgk
    @idohearthatersdgk 2 miesi臋cy temu +2

    Arby鈥檚 chicken sandwich is underrated. Paired with the bacon and honey mustard it鈥檚 on point with the curly fries.

  • @danielleking262
    @danielleking262 2 miesi臋cy temu +5

    I love how sneaky the staff was and really put a lot of thought into it to trick him!!!! 馃槅鉂ゐ煈

  • @Saxinful
    @Saxinful 2 miesi臋cy temu +10

    Love the scale of the editing in this one, makes everything feel as suspenseful and epic as it obviously ought to be.

  • @sierrazielke1963
    @sierrazielke1963 2 miesi臋cy temu +2

    This is factually the best!!! We need Keith the Sommelier for everything! First all the different chickens like he asked for originally 馃槀, then all the other fast food eat the menu items, wraps, salads, soups, deserts, burgers, fish, all of it!! I need more!

  • @jaxbarloga3472
    @jaxbarloga3472 2 miesi臋cy temu +29

    I love that the staff is appearing more on screen.. love y鈥檃ll!!鉂も潳

  • @IunaIia
    @IunaIia 2 miesi臋cy temu +64

    Bring this back, but with chicken tendies next

  • @katymcwhirter
    @katymcwhirter 2 miesi臋cy temu +15

    Do this every week please. Best new concept in a long while!!

  • @carissamacdonald5600
    @carissamacdonald5600 2 miesi臋cy temu +5

    We need a series of this. Since this was all sandwiches we need a bone in episode a tender episode and a nugget lol

  • @avarahart8911
    @avarahart8911 2 miesi臋cy temu +8

    Miles and Rainie are nothing short of iconic every damn time 馃グ

  • @beckmannm
    @beckmannm 2 miesi臋cy temu +4

    10:24 "Wait a minute!" and then sucking on the chicken and then knowing exactly what it was!!! GOLD!!! And everyone's reaction!

  • @camia7873
    @camia7873 2 miesi臋cy temu +15

    because they all did sandwiches this time, you could do more episodes of different categories of fried chicken!!

  • @theaudne4343
    @theaudne4343 2 miesi臋cy temu +3

    Whoever edited the chocolate pour deserves a raise, good job editors!

  • @ElenaFaverio
    @ElenaFaverio 2 miesi臋cy temu

    literally every person who has mentioned being desperately single on this channel has ended up very happily coupled so i'm rooting for you, nick! 馃檶

  • @scandalance1274
    @scandalance1274 2 miesi臋cy temu +34

    the editing in this video is top tier 馃槀

  • @amyberkheimer7996
    @amyberkheimer7996 2 miesi臋cy temu +4

    I need about 350 more of these videos! This was hysterical!

  • @maryloubisou
    @maryloubisou 2 miesi臋cy temu +11

    aaah this was so damn fun! I'm actually in the small portion of fans who are not avid eat the menu watchers but I absolutely loved this video

  • @07alexa
    @07alexa 2 miesi臋cy temu

    I love this video idea!! I鈥檇 love to see more like this! :)

  • @meredithgraf4744
    @meredithgraf4744 2 miesi臋cy temu +31

    I want them to do this with fast food French fries or pizza

    • @locabsgg94
      @locabsgg94 2 miesi臋cy temu

      I think there's already a frenchfry video, but not in this format. N if I'm confusing it (been here for a long ass while so sometimes their Buzzfeed vids get mix in my brain with this channel 馃槄) they definitely should.

  • @meganredress4238
    @meganredress4238 2 miesi臋cy temu +10

    I can tell Miles loved putting the chocolate on Keith馃槀

  • @mama1916
    @mama1916 2 miesi臋cy temu +3

    I had extremely high expectations on this and it a million times funnier. Please make this a series!!! On a side note this makes me miss miles even more. He was so funny!

  • @sushi647281
    @sushi647281 2 miesi臋cy temu +17

    I hope they make more episodes like this. That was amazing! Almost as good as Eat the Menu amazing! 鉂

  • @Brodus_Dudeman
    @Brodus_Dudeman 2 miesi臋cy temu +14

    The editing in this is absolutely GOD-tier, alongside the vegan ETM! 馃ぃ

  • @unapologeticallylizzy
    @unapologeticallylizzy 2 miesi臋cy temu +13

    I would love to see more of these with like burgers or maybe chips 馃槀

  • @jaybehkay2438
    @jaybehkay2438 2 miesi臋cy temu +4

    I love how confident Keith went into this 馃槀馃槄

  • @jasonremy1627
    @jasonremy1627 2 miesi臋cy temu +1

    We absolutely need more episodes of this series.

  • @annie.greenyo
    @annie.greenyo 2 miesi臋cy temu +1

    I don鈥檛 think I鈥檝e ever actually commented on a Try Guys vid, but this has to have been my favorite ever. The highs. The lows. The facial expressions. The evil jolliness. Please make this a series! 鈽猴笍

  • @caitlinb1657
    @caitlinb1657 2 miesi臋cy temu +5

    Honestly, it's so interesting to eat stuff without knowing what it is. You realize things about yourself 馃槀

  • @dawktrix20
    @dawktrix20 Miesi膮c temu

    This was spectacular. More of this please

  • @mv5485
    @mv5485 2 miesi臋cy temu

    Love how Keith is like "but what if I got tarred and feathered?"

  • @lonewolfe8625
    @lonewolfe8625 2 miesi臋cy temu +1

    That chocolate pour was magnificent. Well done miles

  • @floormee
    @floormee 2 miesi臋cy temu +5

    Omg this needs to be a series!!!
    Next should be breakfast sandwiches. Coat him in pancake ingredients!!!

  • @birdylee5551
    @birdylee5551 2 miesi臋cy temu +1

    Next time y鈥檃ll should hand him just the burger. He got so much clues from the bag and box

  • @sumaya2190
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