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Lifesize Princess Dress Cake ft. Rosanna Pansino

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  • Opublikowany 7 lis 2023
  • Jonny takes on his BIGGEST challenge yet. Will he be able to finish this lifesize princess dress for Rosanna Pansino in time? Or will it all come falling apart…
    Want more Jonny? We ask him to judge every roadtrip cake on the Plog: • Drive Thru Cake Off (w...
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Komentarze • 1,4K

  • @RosannaPansino
    @RosannaPansino Miesiąc temu +9053

    I never know what to expect when I walk into the Try Guys office... All I can say is that it's a new, wonderful experience every time.
    And yes, even for Without A Recipe 😅
    Love you guys! ❤

    • @WellISaidIt
      @WellISaidIt Miesiąc temu +126

      I never realised how tiny you were. Keith is like twice your height.

    • @gob6793
      @gob6793 Miesiąc temu +54

      @@WellISaidItikr!😭i’ve always known she’s short but seeing her next to a tall guy is crazy lol

    • @Flying_grayson87
      @Flying_grayson87 Miesiąc temu +33

      I love when you're on the show. That's how I know it's an extra good episode!

    • @matthewjenkins1657
      @matthewjenkins1657 Miesiąc temu +14

      Right in the middle of the mr beast drama...

  • @QueenOddity
    @QueenOddity Miesiąc temu +2813

    I genuinely want to see Johnny do a challenge like this but with all the time he needs. It's kinda depressing to see him fail only because he didn't have enough time to figure things out.

    • @loverrlee
      @loverrlee Miesiąc temu +115

      I agree. I think the video would have been better if they ACTUALLY baked the entire thing from scratch and heck, got a World Record person to come out and see it too 😂

    • @Nevertoleave
      @Nevertoleave 28 dni temu +12

      I think he bit off more than he could chew, not really thinking about how long it would take in his time constraint

    • @QueenOddity
      @QueenOddity 28 dni temu +3

      @@Nevertoleave happened last time too though

    • @nicky740
      @nicky740 27 dni temu +45

      I understand making the time shorter to create the entertaining chaos but there’s a difference between cutting it close and giving way too little time. They consistently give him way too little time. Even if it was something like every 3rd episode he got significantly more time would be good. It’s more frustrating than entertaining this way. Like if it’s a challenge that would normally take 8 hours then give him 7. Not give him 4 hours for an 8 hour challenge.

    • @MsKristinHill
      @MsKristinHill 27 dni temu +28

      I hate it too. Rachel’s admitted she messes with the time in WAR to make things more dramatic but I hate to see people set up to fail. It’s unkind and feels icky to watch.

  • @UnicorNE0N
    @UnicorNE0N 29 dni temu +408

    Please start allowing Johnny to take more time to plan and execute and maybe do test runs. It'll be way more entertaining, although i know it would be more expensive to produce. He's so talented i just want to see one of his crazy visions come to real life

    • @zevo9314
      @zevo9314 20 dni temu +7

      this one, while wasteful, would have been so epic if it was entirely made out of cake over several days

    • @UnicorNE0N
      @UnicorNE0N 20 dni temu +7

      @@zevo9314 yes! Or at least rice crispies or something!

    • @sandpiperr
      @sandpiperr 20 dni temu +5

      @@zevo9314 Or even just as they did it but give him enough time to figure out how to make part of it cake without it just falling everywhere, because if it just collapses as a mess in Rachel's lap how is that less wasteful?

    • @TeedyASMR
      @TeedyASMR 18 dni temu +5

      For real we love Jonny and want to see him feel good about creating badass works of wildness in this role that he's now in!

  • @JazminDreams
    @JazminDreams Miesiąc temu +4054

    Rosanna: “How many pieces of cake are in here?!? How many pounds of cake?”
    Keith & Johnny: “……..Right……”

  • @MutinousEntropy
    @MutinousEntropy Miesiąc temu +842

    Panicked hunched over pantsless Keith gesturing emphatically to the cake covered Rachel on the floor is such a surreal moment. This whole video is art. I don't know what kind yet but definitely art.

    • @hynnow18
      @hynnow18 28 dni temu +8

      Comedy art!

    • @spacebar9733
      @spacebar9733 27 dni temu +7

      Renaissance art

    • @_.leafsheep._
      @_.leafsheep._ 27 dni temu +10

      with the panic and multiple figures i’m thinking baroque expressionism (either way it’s a type of frantic beauty that i absolutely adore)

    • @scaathreykr
      @scaathreykr 13 dni temu +6

      It does resemble a form of baroque expressionism, but the overall feel is more akin to dadaism.

    • @_.leafsheep._
      @_.leafsheep._ 13 dni temu +3

      @@scaathreykr you are absolutely correct and i love it

  • @dumplingspice7059
    @dumplingspice7059 Miesiąc temu +1070

    11:21 Rachel catching the cake, Keith with no pants, Jonny panicking and covered in buttercream - pure perfection ❤

    • @gr33ngirlsea
      @gr33ngirlsea Miesiąc temu +4

      I wonder if they ever told her or she's just finding out now.

    • @Aragedie
      @Aragedie 29 dni temu +6

      It was the most unhinged but funniest moment 😂

    • @maryjack08
      @maryjack08 28 dni temu +1

      Rachel with the tutu for Keith

  • @sydneymckenzie-hougestol5555
    @sydneymckenzie-hougestol5555 Miesiąc temu +12982

    Why do they give him such short time limits?!?!?! I want to see him do this stuff with extra time and perfect it!

    • @Dantalliumsolarium
      @Dantalliumsolarium Miesiąc temu +731

      Right?! This sweet man deserves all the time!

    • @desirai_t9429
      @desirai_t9429 Miesiąc temu +349

      Right!! Give Johnny more time!!

    • @VirgoLunaKnight
      @VirgoLunaKnight Miesiąc temu +406

      It's to make it challenging and interesting...
      In one pod cast they have discussed their process
      Rachel does the same for without a recipe as well

    • @bekanimal
      @bekanimal Miesiąc temu +524

      @@VirgoLunaKnight I understand, but still -- the people have spoken ! We would be INTERESTED in seeing a beautiful, perfected item with more time for Jonny !!

    • @Beny_xx
      @Beny_xx Miesiąc temu +373

      I was thinking the same, but I realized that this series is probably about embracing failure and just being unhinged and having fun, not about doing things perfectly and being precise. That's what makes it different from Jonny's own ytb channel. So maybe when he gets more views and subscribers on his channel, he will be able to do things with bigger production like this.

  • @ashleeminnow8453
    @ashleeminnow8453 Miesiąc temu +480

    Ngl it's kinda frustrating that it seems Jonny is not being provided the tools, time, and appliances for whatever giant you've tasked him to do. Jonny is a great content creator and brings a lot of vibrancy to your videos and I feel that's deserving of setting him up for success instead of constantly setting him up for failure. I'd rather see Jonny succeed; he's so talented with baking and decorating and when given the right tools and what not, he creates amazing things. Allowing him to do that will absolutely bring you more views than watching him fail will. I hope this doesn't come off too critical, I do really enjoy the channel and have been a fan for a long time, I just got frustrated to see Jonny lose yet again with what seems like purposeful efforts on the try guys side.

    • @melissa_jpg
      @melissa_jpg 26 dni temu +23

      right? I'm done with these Jonny videos, and that's not because I don't like Jonny, it's because of this format.

    • @not_amand
      @not_amand 23 dni temu +13

      thats the point of these videos. its to challenge him and make it entertaining. i understand that even with all the tools it would still be challenging and entertaining but this a format that the guys like to use, and they’re also probably gonna tweak it as it progresses. also it would be a bigger production for them to do.

    • @ashleeminnow8453
      @ashleeminnow8453 22 dni temu +10

      @@melissa_jpg Not really. The point is to entertain and get views at the end of the day, and I'm watching to be entertained. And based on the top comments, I'm clearly not the only one who feels this way.

    • @Faythe98
      @Faythe98 22 dni temu +2

      100% agree

    • @sayitaintsl0w
      @sayitaintsl0w 22 dni temu +4

      Could not have said it better.

  • @MidLa23
    @MidLa23 Miesiąc temu +185

    I absolutely love the editing decision to use Jonny's tiktoks as a bumper, like "look, he is actually good at this normally, despite this absolute clusterf*ck he's decided to do today"

    • @sandpiperr
      @sandpiperr 20 dni temu +6

      If I were Johnny, I'd stop doing these shows because they're ruining his reputation and making him look like he's shite at hyper-realistic baking!

  • @ash-bob3398
    @ash-bob3398 Miesiąc temu +1599

    Keith just in his underwear helping them while a giant cake falls apart on top of Rachel is everything.

  • @terneh23
    @terneh23 Miesiąc temu +282

    It was so fun to watch it devolve into the point where Rachel is speechless and being crushed under the cake, Keith has no pants on and is shouting, and Johnny is frantically trying to finish decorating around them lmao

    • @sandpiperr
      @sandpiperr 20 dni temu +3

      It's not fun at all, it's just annoying.
      The appeal of Johnny, other than his lovely personality, is that he's actually capable of doing these type of cakes, but then they give him way too little time.
      If this just going to be The Miserable Failure show who is that different than Without a Recipe?
      Honestly, Johnny, if you're reading these comments...stop doing these shows unless they change the format, because it's actually going to ruin your reputation as a hyper-realistic cake artist since they keep setting you up to fail and make it look like you can't pull these things off!

  • @YukiDemonOfHell
    @YukiDemonOfHell Miesiąc temu +988

    I never really realized how tiny Rosanna is??? so much talent and personality in such a tiny container

    • @joeyshelley3179
      @joeyshelley3179 Miesiąc temu +80

      Especially next to Keith, the size difference was not expected

    • @Jazminzesati
      @Jazminzesati Miesiąc temu +26

      I remember seeing her house tour and that house is so big she looks like a tiny doll haha

    • @smilingfox712
      @smilingfox712 Miesiąc temu +27

      She said in one of her vidoes that she is 4ft 11inches. Which I think is insane cause I’m 4ft either 11 or 12inches and 1/2 with ro

    • @kiara3744
      @kiara3744 28 dni temu +2

      Sameeee I was like woahhhh 😮

    • @lemonskyia_4130
      @lemonskyia_4130 28 dni temu +12

      It is very noticeable in collabs, her own setup has the camera very low for her and it's a struggle to fit guests in lmao.

  • @dominicamaral4548
    @dominicamaral4548 Miesiąc temu +5918

    Johnny: "I'm not failing this time"
    Also Johnny: *giving himself like 12 hours to bake hundreds of cakes*

    • @bjam89
      @bjam89 Miesiąc temu +66

      Pretty sure it wasn't him who set the time limit

    • @JaxH15
      @JaxH15 29 dni temu +20

      With one oven ... And it's a champagne cake... That didn't look very sturdy
      Nothing wrong - total logic 💯 😂

    • @alexpalaciossantos4940
      @alexpalaciossantos4940 28 dni temu +15

      @@JaxH15 yeah, if this was given proper time, it could be done and given to an on theme event to not waste it.
      youd have to do a bricking strategy with something sturdier. marshmallow rice is an obvious one, to use as a sort of mortar, with other harder cookies and crackers performing structural work. obviously a lot of dowels and maybe some wooden platforms

    • @JaxH15
      @JaxH15 28 dni temu +15

      @@alexpalaciossantos4940 totally agree. I think it would be more entertaining to see them accomplish these extravagant things and maybe connect it to charity

    • @tyffaneelavely8087
      @tyffaneelavely8087 26 dni temu

      he didn't give himself the time limit

  • @Duh_D_Rexx
    @Duh_D_Rexx Miesiąc temu +36

    Try Guys Last Year: We’ve hired a HR to make sure we keep our business practices respectable.
    Try Guys HR Team watching Keith randomly remove his pants: 😓

    • @ZipperedBelle
      @ZipperedBelle 6 dni temu +3

      Funnily enough because it was on camera its safe lol.

  • @GreenPenguin82
    @GreenPenguin82 Miesiąc temu +120

    I love that Johnny recognizes what a waste of cake it would be to make that whole thing cake and they used a base instead

    • @gr33ngirlsea
      @gr33ngirlsea Miesiąc temu +9

      Yes! I think this could be done in all cake, but only for a huge event where it would all be eaten. I'd definitely enlist Charm City Cakes to help, though! They know structure for these huge projects.

  • @sarahhumble8246
    @sarahhumble8246 Miesiąc temu +440

    Keith providing no help at all other than taking off his pants is.... amazing.

  • @lauracorinasanders4469
    @lauracorinasanders4469 Miesiąc temu +11

    Johnny covered in frosting, Rachel on her knees trying to catch an armful of cake, Keith in his underwear screaming, is the most unhinged renaissance painting.

  • @marikotrue3488
    @marikotrue3488 Miesiąc temu +826

    Everyone did a great job, but extra kudos for an executive producer who will literally almost drown in cake for a successful Try Guys video. Yay Rachel !!

  • @officerfrog
    @officerfrog Miesiąc temu +3669

    Keith taking his pants off and just standing aghast next to the cake made my entire day

    • @shinymaddy
      @shinymaddy Miesiąc temu +102

      I missed the part where he actually took his pants off and glanced back at 10:28. You can imagine my surprise lol

    • @MrPlaidish
      @MrPlaidish Miesiąc temu +52

      I did not expect no pants when I started watching this at work

    • @grooveycakes
      @grooveycakes Miesiąc temu +34

      The most relatable thing I’ve ever seen 😂. Panic and take your pants off.

    • @karasmills3415
      @karasmills3415 Miesiąc temu +4

      okay lol when did he take off his pants??

    • @sdval7171
      @sdval7171 Miesiąc temu +32

      The way that he casually takes off his pants like 3 times in this video shows how often the Try Guys have to change in front of camera

  • @baeyabee
    @baeyabee Miesiąc temu +173

    keith just stripping in the corner before helping is honestly one of the funniest thing he's ever done

  • @reminded
    @reminded 29 dni temu +13

    This series is quickly becoming "Johnny gives himself way too much to do in way too little time and stresses himself out" lol I hope we get to see him at his best too

  • @ShyShrew
    @ShyShrew Miesiąc temu +492

    I wish we saw Rosanna’s reaction when she found out it wasn’t really cake😂

  • @lildeadgirl1443
    @lildeadgirl1443 Miesiąc temu +7

    I watched this with my baker roommate and the way she raged at this entire video was hilarious.
    But seriously…why not give him either several days to work on this or not try to do something this big?? Because basically he did nothing. None of it is cake, he didn’t make the butter cream, he only made a little cake. It just seems weird.

  • @gob6793
    @gob6793 Miesiąc temu +894

    its so refreshing to see someone put respect on Rosanna’s name considering all the drama recently

    • @Twinkalmia
      @Twinkalmia Miesiąc temu +16

      Girl what drama?

    • @dandelion_official4812
      @dandelion_official4812 Miesiąc temu +63

      @@Twinkalmia she has been avoiding denouncing her friendship and multiple video collaborations with Colleen Ballinger. Oh and she was also upset with Mr Beast for editing her out of 3rd place in a game of hide and seek, but tbh that seems like a distraction from Colleen, especially seeing as she announced her beef on Trisha's podcast. Istead of a public statement in support of victims, she just said she and Trisha spoke in private. Which is fine when it comes to Trisha specifically but doesn't get her off the hook for failing to speak up on HER relationship with Colleen.

    • @gob6793
      @gob6793 Miesiąc temu +33

      @@dandelion_official4812 yeah, i wasn’t talking about colleen at all bud. just the mr beast stuff.

    • @gob6793
      @gob6793 Miesiąc temu +146

      @@Twinkalmia On Trisha Paytas’s podcast, Rosanna said Mr Beast edited a video she was in to make it look like she did poorly. She said it felt like a “boy’s club” when filming and hinted towards it being for sexist reasons. People found out a male youtuber was edited out the same way though, so that was quickly disproven. People then started sending her death threats and claiming she was saying all this for clout. (which is crazy to me because she’s rosanna pansino😭)
      I said “put respect on her name” because so many male youtubers covering the drama treated her as if she was some rando. They acted as if she wasn’t a youtube legend/incredibly well known just because she was in the wrong. It ended up becoming a huge sexism thing where men were incredibly harsh to her, while women treated her fairly. sucks to see :/

    • @redeye1016
      @redeye1016 Miesiąc temu +18

      @@dandelion_official4812you’ve posted like so many comments on this video about the Colleen drama, over and over? I know the situation is not great - but, chill.

  • @ongjiewei
    @ongjiewei Miesiąc temu +3094

    A collab between two of the most iconic Without a Recipe judges?
    YES PLEASE!!!!

    • @leahklein6814
      @leahklein6814 Miesiąc temu +32

      Omg, Without a Recipe: pro edition

    • @nicolecomfort-mcdermott4743
      @nicolecomfort-mcdermott4743 Miesiąc temu +2

      I only wish we could actually see her reaction without the fillers and Botox. It kills the authenticity of expressions. 😢 she’s so beautiful already. I wonder who’s telling her she needs the work. 🫶🏻

    • @ovaelin
      @ovaelin Miesiąc temu +31

      @@nicolecomfort-mcdermott4743i cant tell if you’re trying to be nasty

  • @xxspirit_beexx1243
    @xxspirit_beexx1243 Miesiąc temu +55

    Rachel really is the MVP of this episode- the after math of her catching the cake was gold 😂

  • @thaursir
    @thaursir Miesiąc temu +22

    I want Jonny to succeed on these wild attempts, but I also wish we could have made this a series of the guest coming in to Rachel holding a falling piece of illusion cake with an awkward smile.

  • @Ecirroh1
    @Ecirroh1 Miesiąc temu +233

    Keith standing there in his underwear panicking while Johnny and Rachel are panicking about the cake falling is comedy gold!
    Imagine is Rosana really did dive out and slide down the side 😂

  • @karolinamatyka9233
    @karolinamatyka9233 Miesiąc temu +15

    Why is no one talking about Rachel having the time of her life, just covered with cake & frosting?? So precious! ❤

  • @cbrown6508
    @cbrown6508 Miesiąc temu +150

    Jack using his errand as a chance to check out the TVs is so relatable. 😂😂

  • @fionataylor7146
    @fionataylor7146 Miesiąc temu +1936

    I love how the try guys have basically adopted other content creators. They still have their own chanels, but they are try guys.

    • @-streaminadream-5356
      @-streaminadream-5356 Miesiąc temu +17

      yessss, sisiter creators. it's so wholesome

    • @vivakatrob13
      @vivakatrob13 22 dni temu +4

      Yes! And they’ve been overlapping with People Vs. Food, Mythical, and Smosh. It’s like the 4 greatest channels just all collaborating for different content and I love all of it.

  • @KyleRayner12
    @KyleRayner12 Miesiąc temu +12

    My favorite parts of these are always the inevitable moments in which Johnny realizes he needs help with something and conscripts whoever's in earshot.

  • @TheTfroggy912
    @TheTfroggy912 29 dni temu +6

    The height difference with Rosanna and Keith is impressive.

  • @fantasticesther
    @fantasticesther Miesiąc temu +100

    We love Johnny, give him some more time for these ridiculous projects. I want to see him not fail something for once

  • @kennaelpis
    @kennaelpis Miesiąc temu +12

    I love Rosanna so much

  • @rachelwarneck2443
    @rachelwarneck2443 Miesiąc temu +93

    This has become my favorite show, Johnny's chaotic energy and Rachel just willing to do whatever it takes to help him, its just perfection.

  • @donnavalentine6515
    @donnavalentine6515 Miesiąc temu +1229

    Next Jonny video: Jonny makes DOG CAKES for Eugene. (Either regular cake shaped like a dog or Dog-safe cakes for Eugene's doggies.) 😊

    • @bjam89
      @bjam89 Miesiąc temu +29

      Why not both

    • @caithenry8429
      @caithenry8429 Miesiąc temu +36

      Bring Emma even more anxiety by giving her a replica of herself but in cake 😅

    • @demawn4099
      @demawn4099 Miesiąc temu +4

      @@caithenry8429 😆😆😆

    • @Stebeau123
      @Stebeau123 Miesiąc temu +10


    • @lildeadgirl1443
      @lildeadgirl1443 Miesiąc temu +6

      And then gives up part way through and puts frosting on a dog statue because he only gave himself a couple hours

  • @titobobby5511
    @titobobby5511 10 dni temu

    Absolutely unbinged and an impossible task ❤ i love it so much. The editing, the team, the energy is so entertaining. This is a new era ❤

  • @jessicas.9639
    @jessicas.9639 Miesiąc temu +7

    Keith's ass perched on the dress at the end is an award winning shot 😂😂😂.

  • @PyroSephiroth120
    @PyroSephiroth120 Miesiąc temu +94

    I always forget how short Rosanna is and being next to Keith it's absolutely unreal to me.

  • @kcat3853
    @kcat3853 8 dni temu

    Rachel going "my children are very clean" is hilarious omg

  • @bluejay1995ify
    @bluejay1995ify Miesiąc temu +6

    Rosanna: I fit! 👸
    Keith: i fit! 🍑

  • @bellaboola.
    @bellaboola. Miesiąc temu +331

    Keiths CAKE sitting atop the CAKE at the end, was a work of art in itself.

    • @Choshako
      @Choshako Miesiąc temu +15

      Cakes on cake, baby.

  • @spaceunicorn6000
    @spaceunicorn6000 13 dni temu

    Another thing I love about this video is Johnny is in a cute dress again. He always seems so happy in a cute dress I love it.

  • @eliaslewis8972
    @eliaslewis8972 Miesiąc temu +4

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen Rosana actually standing next to Keith and it makes her look so so tiny

  • @sydneymerryman8804
    @sydneymerryman8804 Miesiąc temu +54

    I remember watching compilations of Without a Recipe (specifically of Keith) and wondered what Ro & Keith's height difference genuinely looked like. Now we know and it's hilarious. (Also them having to shoot a bit wider at first to get Keith and Ro in frame).
    This also made me think of the giant wedding cake Safiya made and also had Ro surprised with

  • @sydliz14
    @sydliz14 Miesiąc temu +13

    This might be one of my favorite videos 😂 Rachel covered in cake, Keith unexpectedly taking his pants off, Rosanna in a cake, and all of Johnny's energy 💯

  • @ztheworld8835
    @ztheworld8835 Miesiąc temu +28

    Rosanna looked so happy being part of that cake especially with the crown

  • @aliabobwason1
    @aliabobwason1 Miesiąc temu +536

    Rosanna believing the dress is fully cake is fantastic 😂

    • @murikols
      @murikols Miesiąc temu +26

      There's a part after that where she says something like "but wait I thought it was--" before she addresses Keith undressing, so I think she figured it out before they put her into it

    • @loverrlee
      @loverrlee Miesiąc temu +23

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      @Alykatblack 20 dni temu

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