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Keith Eats Everything At Cheesecake Factory - Part 3

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  • Opublikowany 27 paź 2023
  • The Eat The Menu you’ve been asking for, waiting for, terrified for… is finally here! A menu SO GINORMOUS it has taken three parts to finish. We have made it to the final boss and the cheesecakes are here, luckily, Keith has the help of some awesome special guests!
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Komentarze • 2,4K

  • @napqueen9377

    Whoever decided to not split the cheesecakes up between episodes is diabolical

  • @danielthrasher

    Warning to the viewer: 9 cheesecakes at 9am is not recommended. The hot sauce is good though I put that on everything

  • @spaghetticat5749

    With all these different guests and personalities, I’m convinced Keith needs to be the host of some sort of late night show.

  • @miasmacaron

    It’s so wild seeing Grant this restrained. I’m so used to him not having to worry about monetization. 😂

  • @KortneyMarcia

    You should partner with mythical kitchen to have them use Keith’s sauces in crazy ways. Like the chicken sauce cheesecake

  • @marian799
    @marian799  +522

    joyce giving mom vibes while keith is 8 years older is so funny i love how chaotic they are

  • @Hobo_X
    @Hobo_X  +550

    Honestly the most impressive thing about the restaurant is how consistently good they are across a huge variety of items AND its menu size. They definitely deserve the business they get

  • @ellielane2313

    Joyce saying “what y’all do to my baby” was the most wholesome and adorable thing everrrr

  • @droksid
    @droksid  +544

    Whoever decided to pair deserts and pastas is a sadist

  • @mattbriddell9246

    I cannot believe they did a callback to their Buzzfeed/College Humor days with the Keith and Grant sketch! Somewhere, Mike Trapp is waking up in a cold sweat :D

  • @sophiajohnson2989

    I literally GASPED in delight seeing Jarvis come on, OMG the guests in these have been just wonderful!

  • @trinitymorgan7814

    I love that Keith literally became a child when Joyce came in lmaoooo so wholesome

  • @brooklyntaaffe6037

    As a cake employee, we have been watching these and last week we were like “oh man and he still has the pastas and the cakes to go, that’s going to be rough” I COMPLETELY forgot about the steaks, man, immediately screaming when this one started

  • @erica9443
    @erica9443  +317

    I absolutely love Joyce, she's so funny, PLEASE have her on more ETM in the future!!

  • @jennybeanluv

    I used to work at TCF. When I trained, we had a whole freaking week to taste everything from the menu and I still left in a food coma every day. Doing this in 3 days is commendable. 🎉

  • @Lizardkitmin

    Hats off to Keith for sacrificing his health for our entertainment 😂

  • @jlgirlxox
    @jlgirlxox  +121

    This finale influenced me and my girlfriend to make a two hour drive to the only Cheesecake Factory in Canada- it was our first time there and totally worth it, thanks Keith!

  • @TheLilliantaylor

    Gonna be honest, I’m my 30+years of life I’ve never had a desire to eat at Cheesecake Factory, but this series…Keith absolutely sold it. So many things looked so tasty. Time to go find one (…and feed myself for a week on the leftovers).

  • @aprilalfaro2995

    I like how they saved the two variations of Keith for the same episode 😂 Adam is cardigan Keith and Grant is Bartender Keith 😂

  • @eternaldbskism
    @eternaldbskism 21 dzień temu +6

    Time stamps