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Keith Eats Everything At Cheesecake Factory - Part 2

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  • Opublikowany 20 paź 2023
  • The Eat The Menu you’ve been asking for, waiting for, terrified for… is finally here! A menu SO GINORMOUS it’ll take three videos to cover it. Here’s part two, with lots of special guests you don’t usually see on Eat The Menu and that you definitely don’t want to miss!
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Komentarze • 3K

  • @Tarantulah
    @Tarantulah Miesiąc temu +3196

    The fact that Keith seems to be saving *all* of the cheesecake until last fills me with a genuine sense of dread

    • @shelbydisher4416
      @shelbydisher4416 Miesiąc temu +142

      YES. I was really hoping they’d do a combo of each section (apps, mains, desserts) in each episode 😅 he thinks he hurts now, I can’t imagine the pain in the next one

    • @elinorwahl8619
      @elinorwahl8619 Miesiąc temu +85

      Let's start a betting pool about how many minutes in he'll become cheesecake-drunk

    • @MrVovansim
      @MrVovansim Miesiąc temu +9

      Wilford Brimley is turning in his grave

    • @tommitchell4570
      @tommitchell4570 Miesiąc temu +32

      I feel sorry for Keith and his digestive tract --- he's gonna be in PAIN after sampling 40 cheesecakes!

    • @wiseoneedarra593
      @wiseoneedarra593 Miesiąc temu +9

      Everyone is concerned for Keith, and I am too, but I'm also concerned for me. With misophonia I have to be in the right headspace to watch ETM and never with headphones. But the thought of his spit gumming up with so much cheesecake.... I'm not sure if I'll be able to actually watch. 😖

  • @ruphstuph
    @ruphstuph Miesiąc temu +2997

    Ilia’s energy juxtaposed with Keith’s slow descent into madness was a perfect pairing 😂

    • @tysondogg242
      @tysondogg242 Miesiąc temu +41

      she just needs to swallow her food before talking about it lol. most the time i saw huge chunks in there as she talked and it was kinda gross.

    • @its_Gigiiii
      @its_Gigiiii Miesiąc temu +85

      I hope they bring her on this show regularly

    • @zctwenty
      @zctwenty Miesiąc temu +47

      I LOVE HER

    • @reesebuholtz5114
      @reesebuholtz5114 Miesiąc temu +9

      If you want to love the ilia section even more, turn on the captions lmao

    • @mookzomb
      @mookzomb Miesiąc temu +28

      I found it uncomfortable tbh and keith seemed over it.

  • @LittleLovely394
    @LittleLovely394 Miesiąc temu +457

    “Where can people find you?”
    “At home”
    Kyle is so relatible, I love it

    • @clickclackbadabingbadaboom3738
      @clickclackbadabingbadaboom3738 16 dni temu +3

      List of K-pop idols & songs Kyle Hanagami choreographed, updated as of Nov 17, 2023:
      ♡Black Mamba
      ♡Better Things
      After School
      ♡Crazy Sexy Cool
      ♡Ice Cream
      ♡Kill This Love
      ♡Lovesick Girls
      ♡Forever Young
      ♡On The Ground
      ♡DDU-DU DDU-DU
      ♡Playing With Fire
      ♡As If It's Your Last
      ♡Don't Know What To Do
      ♡Ready For Love
      ♡Shut Down
      ♡All Eyes On Me
      Eric Nam
      ♡Don't Leave Yet
      ♡Hey Mama
      ♡4 Walls
      GOT The Beat
      ♡Step Back
      ♡Stamp On It
      Jo Kwon
      ♡I'm Da One
      Kim Hyun Joong ft Jay Park
      ♡Rubber Band/Unbreakable
      ♡So What
      NCT Dream
      ♡Chewing Gum
      R.Tee x Anda
      ♡What You Waiting For
      Red Velvet
      ♡Power Up
      ♡Lucky Girl
      ♡Be Natural
      ♡Red Flavor
      ♡Ice Cream Cake
      ♡Russian Roulette
      SNSD/Girls Generation
      ♡You Think
      ♡Chain Reaction
      ♡I Just Wanna Dance
      ♡Catch Me If You Can
      ♡Forever 1
      TOO/TO1/Ten Oriented Orchestra
      ♡Count 1, 2
      ♡What Is Love
      Weki Meki
      ♡La La La La
      ♡I Don't Like Your GirIfriend
      If I missed something/anyone, pls update me 💖 Thank you! 🤝

  • @averyeml
    @averyeml Miesiąc temu +2026

    I’m glad Ilia came along and proved that not everything was great, or even good. I wasn’t sure if the food was just incredible across the board or if they were being nice because they were in the restaurant with the staff looking on lmao

    • @sapphodera
      @sapphodera Miesiąc temu +170

      Honestly I don’t think Keith has that discerning of a pallet

    • @johnkottkamp
      @johnkottkamp Miesiąc temu +241

      They also had the head chef for all of California(or something like that) making the dishes, so that could also have something to do with it

    • @initialsleo2832
      @initialsleo2832 Miesiąc temu +157

      Since they all knew that Keith would be eating there, they probably had their chefs bringing their A game.

    • @OffDutyHoers
      @OffDutyHoers Miesiąc temu +27

      Fr it took like two hours+ of video time (who knows how much of irl time that would translate into) for them to have the same honesty as the previous 'non-location videos' have had from the very beginning

    • @alextherobot456
      @alextherobot456 Miesiąc temu +9

      @@OffDutyHoersit was filmed on separate occasions, so the time might have helped

  • @Caffeineasaur
    @Caffeineasaur Miesiąc temu +725

    A "Date the Menu" show would be cute, a blind first date where they eat through a smaller menu, like a food truck

  • @LadyKaulitz808
    @LadyKaulitz808 Miesiąc temu +430

    Oh my gosh, Thomas Sanders! It's so nice to see that he's still creating. He's always been such a pleasant person to me. Extremely likeable.

  • @nooneinparticular469
    @nooneinparticular469 Miesiąc temu +4284

    The idea of Keith sadly calling out for Becky to save him from the evil salsa jar is just so sweet.

    • @deprofundis3293
      @deprofundis3293 Miesiąc temu +16

      Just fyi, you have almost 2k likes! Thought I'd let you know since there are no comments yet. 😂

    • @roopkd
      @roopkd Miesiąc temu +13

      Lol I found that so so sweet too. Like they are relationship goals

    • @c0athanger
      @c0athanger Miesiąc temu +5

      ​@@deprofundis3293what a homie!

  • @kimberlypikaart380
    @kimberlypikaart380 Miesiąc temu +592

    I’ve never heard of Illia before this, but I could watch her and Keith host a whole show. I love when she called out the name “Skinnylicious”.

    • @valmena462
      @valmena462 25 dni temu +7

      If u haven’t yet u should check out The Sex Lives Of College Girls! She’s not a main character but she’s the funniest part of the show. She’s also a guest on an episode of You Can Sit With Us and it’s amazingggg!

  • @Standardhumanbeing
    @Standardhumanbeing Miesiąc temu +266

    Caleb realizing what Side to Side was ACTUALLY about gave me sooooo much serotonin. Thank you for that Caleb.

  • @soniathefan
    @soniathefan Miesiąc temu +715

    Kyle sitting there trying to process "alligator in bed" and thinking "that's not on my list of words to describe food"... 😂😂😂

  • @iamamoore6944
    @iamamoore6944 Miesiąc temu +346

    Ilia brought the energy Keith needed at the end and helped to pick it all up ahahaha

  • @maddybaby989
    @maddybaby989 Miesiąc temu +641

    ILIA.MUST.COME.BACK!! A female presence like hers is the spice this channel needs every now and then! Her boldness and Spanish flair is so funny!!

    • @momoe60
      @momoe60 Miesiąc temu +7

      46:02 is when her section begins

    • @shelby6278
      @shelby6278 Miesiąc temu +7

      I came to the comments looking for this sentiment!! She was so bright and fun!

    • @jesuissabrina
      @jesuissabrina 25 dni temu +1

      She’s was my fave guest BY FAR

  • @EK-xz8ig
    @EK-xz8ig Miesiąc temu +2592

    I'm a mom, and i wholeheartedly agree with Keith that parents ( not just moms) should be 100 percent aware of what their kids watch on PLclip

    • @bradrohner1036
      @bradrohner1036 Miesiąc temu +132

      Ya that’s not mom shaming, it’s literally common fucking sense. Or at least it should be

    • @otakuofmine
      @otakuofmine Miesiąc temu +38

      yep, not just in negative sense, it is great when you know what your kid is interested in.

    • @clairvaux8459
      @clairvaux8459 Miesiąc temu +35

      Kids are typically eager to show things they enjoy to their peers and families too, so it says something if the mum don't have a clue. Unfortunately, many adults are not interested in what children like :,)

    • @otakuofmine
      @otakuofmine Miesiąc temu +5

      @@clairvaux8459 yeah, sadly. dont think mine were ever interested, but than they also abused me, so it would be rather surprising.

    • @Lauren-uj1ny
      @Lauren-uj1ny Miesiąc temu +3

      Ya'll are eager to judge! You cant think you know what your kid is watching even with parental controls and they watch something they shouldn't, or it just was something you wouldn't want them to watch even if it was kid friendly (which it's meant to be). If a parent is literally sifting through everything their kid watches with parental controls on or not, they have no life. That is the reason for them, if you are working all day, how do you take the time and review every video your kid watched that was supposed to be under parental control? Maybe if you are lucky enough to be stay at home mom with nothing the fuck else to do, otherwise you should probably get off your high and mighty as I doubt you review every single thing your kid watches, otherwise you'd spend too much time on that unless you just get to kick back while your partner makes money and your kid is at school. Or your kid is like 2 or 3 at the most. Kids literally get computers and tablets to take home from school now (PUBLIC school, no money involved).

  • @misscrazytalk
    @misscrazytalk Miesiąc temu +604

    Thomas, Ilia and Caleb’s chemistry with Keith was incredible and hilarious to witness lol
    Please have them back on the channel!

  • @kayceesue05
    @kayceesue05 Miesiąc temu +40

    I love listening to Keith explain his Eat the Menu rules to his guests. "I have to eat it, you don't have to", and how with the salad he was like I just have to try one if they are all the same. It's so cute.

    • @jacforswear18
      @jacforswear18 Miesiąc temu +4

      It’s like a fairytale prince explaining his curse to his new friends. 😂

  • @Aitherea
    @Aitherea Miesiąc temu +271

    The chemistry between Keith and Ilia was unexpected but incredible. Her segment was easily the most entertaining. They should absolutely bring her back, whether for Eat the Menu or some other series.

  • @kels9588
    @kels9588 Miesiąc temu +153

    I LOVE Caleb's energy, I truly didn't expect to love him on this show so much

    • @TheSongwritingCat
      @TheSongwritingCat Miesiąc temu +1

      Caleb was an absolute delight. I hope they have him back for future videos

  • @angeliquerichardson9929
    @angeliquerichardson9929 Miesiąc temu +99

    “So many jokes, none of them appropriate” 😂😂 I love her

  • @dayraiser
    @dayraiser Miesiąc temu +7799

    Keith had to film them on different days because otherwise it would have just been a legit health hazard... im so curious as to the state of his body after all these eat the menus

    • @namantherockstar
      @namantherockstar Miesiąc temu +55

      Kaith inspires me.. My parents said if i get 60K followers They'd buy me a professional camera for recording..begging u guys , literally

    • @TheRexisFern
      @TheRexisFern Miesiąc temu +104

      Even what he's done both times so far has been lethal! We all make sacrifices, and Keith chooses his stomach! 🫡

    • @MrsCartmillsArtRoom
      @MrsCartmillsArtRoom Miesiąc temu +46

      oh he for sho did, he told us that!

    • @marjoe32
      @marjoe32 Miesiąc temu +1

      You think lol

    • @sarroumarbeu6810
      @sarroumarbeu6810 Miesiąc temu +26

      One day of this is already a health hazard and it's apparently just one third of the menu ? Damn ʕ⁠·⁠ᴥ⁠·⁠ʔ

  • @kayleeschade8906
    @kayleeschade8906 Miesiąc temu +53

    I love the fact miles left the try guys but he's still just there with them. So glad he's still sticking around.

  • @brittmars1439
    @brittmars1439 Miesiąc temu +646

    Illia’s personality was unexpectedly perfect. Omg her and Kwesi together would be everything 😂

    • @leah3801
      @leah3801 Miesiąc temu +24

      The two of them sharing a kitchen for Without a Recipe?? Give it to me

    • @khloevlogs
      @khloevlogs Miesiąc temu +2


  • @NyaalaStyles
    @NyaalaStyles Miesiąc temu +65

    “You told me that we were going to be eating, and that is something that I felt very confident, that I could do” RELATABLE AF ✨😂😂

  • @veronicaprieto8394
    @veronicaprieto8394 Miesiąc temu +234

    Please bring Ilia back for more try guys content. Loved her energy!

  • @LivingMyLife22
    @LivingMyLife22 Miesiąc temu +80

    Each guest was amazing, but Illia had me dying and I could relate to Kyle so much with the note filled with adjectives to describe the food!

  • @alwaysthelovesongs
    @alwaysthelovesongs Miesiąc temu +1325

    Ilia confirming that the descent into madness is actually real is honestly the best part of this entire video

  • @ellemckinnon7223
    @ellemckinnon7223 Miesiąc temu +62

    Seeing Thomas Sanders on a try guys video is something I never knew I needed, but we definitely did deserve it :)

  • @Marym419
    @Marym419 Miesiąc temu +90

    Please bring Ilia back for more content! She's so funny and I love that she didn't hold back her real thoughts on the food

  • @meganorr8436
    @meganorr8436 Miesiąc temu +111

    The chemistry between Keith and the guests this episode is great 😁

  • @duckinglaryssa5773
    @duckinglaryssa5773 Miesiąc temu +218

    Ilia was great! Good chemistry with Keith. Bring her back for more Try Guys content

  • @olivia.carousel
    @olivia.carousel Miesiąc temu +25

    Can keith please do a vlog about what he does after filming an eat the menu? I think we’d all love to see how he recovers his body

  • @samanthaskenandore7191
    @samanthaskenandore7191 Miesiąc temu +2478

    As a mom I fully support Keith's mom-shaming.

    • @harmonytyndall1747
      @harmonytyndall1747 Miesiąc temu +94

      Same!!! Like it's a pretty basic thing to know what your kids like lmao 🤣 imagine not paying attention to your kids interests and monitoring their media consumption lmao

    • @hnichole
      @hnichole Miesiąc temu +54

      For real, like in this case it's warranted because if you aren't aware of what your kids are consuming, you're literally just irresponsible and there's no nice way to say that. 😂

    • @irdonna
      @irdonna Miesiąc temu +51

      Even if you didn't know who the celebrity is... don't say it to thier face. Don't embarrass your kids by going out if the way to make sure the celebrity knows that you have no clue who they are. Like what?! That's just plain rude regardless.

    • @unionunicorn6776
      @unionunicorn6776 Miesiąc temu +30

      Seriously. Just know what your kid is watching. It’s not content creators job to make sure their content is kid friendly. It’s on the parents to make sure it’s age appropriate for the child.

  • @FuzzyBSMcgee
    @FuzzyBSMcgee Miesiąc temu +19

    “Ate that butt, way too fibrous” followed by “the salmon was fine, the potatoes were foiine” is why Keith is so loved.

  • @katqt32
    @katqt32 Miesiąc temu +21

    Really enjoy how Kewsi can easily convince Keith to eat the lime in the most wild way. When Kwesi revealed he didnt juice the lime on the food and ate it instead, it made me laugh so hard.

  • @eternaldbskism
    @eternaldbskism 26 dni temu +6

    Time stamps
    00:59 eggs and omelettes
    04:55 Saturday Sunday brunch with Thomas Sanders
    10:49 sandwiches with Tori Dunlap
    18:30 kids menu
    20:13 fish and seafood with Kyle Hanagami
    28:05 specialties part 1 with Caleb Marshall
    35:56 specialities part 2 with Kwesi
    40:36 specialities part 3 with trypod
    46:04 specialities part 4 with Ilia Isorelys Paulino
    56:46 best and least best

  • @chelseyhussein7899
    @chelseyhussein7899 Miesiąc temu +28

    I am so excited to see Thomas Sanders! I’ve been a longtime fan and it’s so cool to see these two together!☺️

  • @amandakenney1181
    @amandakenney1181 Miesiąc temu +32

    Caleb and Keith have such natural chemistry! I really enjoyed seeing them interact. Def my favorite Eat the Menu guest so far

  • @ongjiewei
    @ongjiewei Miesiąc temu +2636

    That thumbnail accurately depicts anyone who has eaten a third of the Cheesecake Factory menu

    • @namantherockstar
      @namantherockstar Miesiąc temu +1

      Try guys inspires me.. My parents said if i get 60K followers They'd buy me a professional camera for recording..begging u guys , literally

    • @alecsyselse4272
      @alecsyselse4272 Miesiąc temu +9

      I still get the same thing every time

    • @brinnspencer
      @brinnspencer Miesiąc temu +11

      I love how this reads like you’re speaking from experience

    • @em0kidddd
      @em0kidddd Miesiąc temu +1

      ​@@namantherockstar I subbed man hope you get to 60k soon

  • @JessicaGrace14
    @JessicaGrace14 9 dni temu +1

    I’m behind watching these and am watching them back to back. It is truly amusing to see how energized Keith is at the beginning of these videos vs the end 😂

  • @chrissihr1031
    @chrissihr1031 Miesiąc temu +21

    Kwesi continues to be an absolute delight. ❤

  • @hayleyandpaws
    @hayleyandpaws Miesiąc temu +7

    I wish the guys would do some behind the scenes style videos. Like a video showing how Keith preps for this and how he tries to recover after.

  • @oliviastewart7725
    @oliviastewart7725 12 dni temu +1

    I love Kyle, he seems like such a genuine human. I love the adjectives noted down!

  • @ariafrehner315
    @ariafrehner315 27 dni temu +4

    Kyle must return he’s so fun

  • @alecsyselse4272
    @alecsyselse4272 Miesiąc temu +2992

    I bet people in different countries are VERY confused as to WHY this menu is soooooo big

    • @sofiesusi
      @sofiesusi Miesiąc temu +325

      true and also why all of the individual dishes are so big 😅

    • @cruztastrophe
      @cruztastrophe Miesiąc temu +506

      I'm in the same country and I'm still wondering.

    • @jil2645
      @jil2645 Miesiąc temu +43

      Yes, can someone please explain this? 😅

    • @rileigh5642
      @rileigh5642 Miesiąc temu +41

      I’ve only been once when we visited my aunt in California and we were so overwhelmed 😭 luckily me and my bf looked ahead of time but my dad and his gf were incredibly shocked

    • @oogaboogass
      @oogaboogass Miesiąc temu +36

      I indeed am....💀 I thought the part 2 meant some other resturant but nope it's still going..

  • @brookeminton8744
    @brookeminton8744 Miesiąc temu +116

    Ilia is hilarious. Her and Kwesi guesting in a video together would be sensational

  • @shadowcadette
    @shadowcadette Miesiąc temu +16

    This series has made me crave The Cheesecake Factory and I’ve never even set foot in the USA

  • @nicolepetrov304
    @nicolepetrov304 Miesiąc temu +12

    I love that in these final episodes the people participating aren’t just close friends but other famous media people who genuinely watch and love the show

  • @abigailshapley
    @abigailshapley Miesiąc temu +14

    I am an even bigger fan of Kyle Hanagami after this, wonderful choreography and just a genuinely nice person ?? crazy

    • @clickclackbadabingbadaboom3738
      @clickclackbadabingbadaboom3738 16 dni temu +2

      Yes!! That's exactly what I feel about him since 2017 😻
      List of K-pop idols & songs Kyle Hanagami choreographed, updated as of Nov 17, 2023:
      ♡Black Mamba
      ♡Better Things
      After School
      ♡Crazy Sexy Cool
      ♡Ice Cream
      ♡Kill This Love
      ♡Lovesick Girls
      ♡Forever Young
      ♡On The Ground
      ♡DDU-DU DDU-DU
      ♡Playing With Fire
      ♡As If It's Your Last
      ♡Don't Know What To Do
      ♡Ready For Love
      ♡Shut Down
      ♡All Eyes On Me
      Eric Nam
      ♡Don't Leave Yet
      ♡Hey Mama
      ♡4 Walls
      GOT The Beat
      ♡Step Back
      ♡Stamp On It
      Jo Kwon
      ♡I'm Da One
      Kim Hyun Joong ft Jay Park
      ♡Rubber Band/Unbreakable
      ♡So What
      NCT Dream
      ♡Chewing Gum
      R.Tee x Anda
      ♡What You Waiting For
      Red Velvet
      ♡Power Up
      ♡Lucky Girl
      ♡Be Natural
      ♡Red Flavor
      ♡Ice Cream Cake
      ♡Russian Roulette
      SNSD/Girls Generation
      ♡You Think
      ♡Chain Reaction
      ♡I Just Wanna Dance
      ♡Catch Me If You Can
      ♡Forever 1
      TOO/TO1/Ten Oriented Orchestra
      ♡Count 1, 2
      ♡What Is Love
      Weki Meki
      ♡La La La La
      ♡I Don't Like Your GirIfriend
      If I missed something/anyone, pls update me 💖 Thank you! 🤝

  • @christinarobles3367
    @christinarobles3367 Miesiąc temu +41

    Can we please officially make Kwesi the 4th Try Guy?! He’s so entertaining to watch & such a ham 😂

  • @k1amc3
    @k1amc3 Miesiąc temu +1663

    1:07 California omelette: Nice
    2:06 Spinach mushroom bacon & cheese omelette: very hot
    2:38 Brioche breakfast sandwich: loved
    4:16 Farm fresh eggs with old smokehouse bacon: strong local diner vibes
    4:31 Factory huevos rancheros: Good
    5:28 Bruleed french toast and ham: decent, ham is easter morning
    7:14 Kimchi fried rice: Great
    8:01 Bloody mary: Good
    8:34 Strawberry spritz: Sonic with booze
    8:49 Jambalaya hash & eggs: Comforting, alligator in a bed
    9:34 Fried chicken & waffles: dancing
    9:58 Green chilaquiles and eggs: Good
    11:29 Bourban & honey and Espresso Martini: 9 in the morning
    11:35 Skinnylicious grilled turkey burger: great turkey burger
    11:48 Green salad: it's lettuce
    11:54 Skinnylicious crispy chicken sandwich with ranch: Really good
    12:30 Skinnylicious turkey & avocado sandwich: Good
    13:22 Chicken parmesan sandwich: Hefty. Ok, a bit salty
    14:14 Renee's fresh turkey sandwich: soup is eh, sandwich tastes like the other one
    15:15 Chicken salad sandwich: Good
    15:45 Cesar salad: Good
    15:50 Grilled chicken and avocado club sandwhich: Good
    16:35 Cuban sandwich: pretty fkin good, oink oink mfks
    17:04 The club sandwich: every bread gets a mayo
    18:35 Kids' mac & cheese: more flavor a child can handle
    19:15 Kids' fried chicken strips: chicken is just ok
    19:36 Kids' mini corn dogs: meh
    20:54 Fish & chips: good
    22:05 Skinnylicious lemon garlic shrimp: Good, satisfying
    23:17 Shrimp scampi: happy birthday mom
    23:38 Herb crusted filet of salmon: Taters are good
    24:05 Pineapple cherry limeade: Candy
    24:16 Guava sparkler: Way sweet
    25:14 Jamaican black pepper chicken and shrimp: Good
    25:54 Fresh grilled salmon: it's fine
    26:13 Seared ahi tuna: Good
    26:32 Miso salmon: best salmon
    27:11 Shrimp and chicken gumbo: zazzy
    29:19 Thai coconut lime chicken: Eh ok
    29:41 Bang bang chicken and shrimp: bangin
    30:26 Crispy pineapple chicken and shrimp: Good
    31:06 Orange chicken: great, n ot as good as P express
    32:00 Korean fried chicken: Not Keiths fav, but Caleb's fav
    33:13 Skinnylicious tuscan chicken: Yum
    33:42 Crispy chicken costoletta: Yum - best list
    34:03 Truffle honey chicken: faint from flavor
    36:25 Baja chicken tacos: Good
    37:19 Grilled fish tacos: Nice
    38:03 Skinnylicious shrimp taco: nice
    38:46 Skinnylicious chicken taco: Fine
    39:38 Crispy beer battered fish taco: Fav fish
    39:54 Grilled steak tacos: white people taco night
    40:40 Chicken marsala and mushrooms: pretty good
    41:33 Chicken riesling: tastes nice
    42:34 Chicken parmesan pizza style: Keith is dying
    43:21 Chicken piccata: Love it
    43:53 Crusted chicken romano: not what Keith thought it would be
    44:46 Chicken bellagio: Pretty good
    46:36 Shepherd's pie: Fk with it
    47:23 White chicken chili: white level spicey
    48:32 Chicken littles: Good
    49:44 Happy hour burger: standard
    51:30 Famous factory meatloaf: c-
    52:01 Parmesan herb-crusted chicekn: Horrible
    53:27 Skinnylicious lemon herb parmesan chicken: Fine
    54:59 Chicken madeira: Why. Wet.

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      Tip: almost all the cheesecake slices are about 2 normal slices of dessert so be careful ordering more than one for the table

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    • @clickclackbadabingbadaboom3738
      @clickclackbadabingbadaboom3738 16 dni temu +1

      Yup! I keep replaying the video 💖
      List of K-pop idols & songs Kyle Hanagami choreographed, updated as of Nov 17, 2023:
      ♡Black Mamba
      ♡Better Things
      After School
      ♡Crazy Sexy Cool
      ♡Ice Cream
      ♡Kill This Love
      ♡Lovesick Girls
      ♡Forever Young
      ♡On The Ground
      ♡DDU-DU DDU-DU
      ♡Playing With Fire
      ♡As If It's Your Last
      ♡Don't Know What To Do
      ♡Ready For Love
      ♡Shut Down
      ♡All Eyes On Me
      Eric Nam
      ♡Don't Leave Yet
      ♡Hey Mama
      ♡4 Walls
      GOT The Beat
      ♡Step Back
      ♡Stamp On It
      Jo Kwon
      ♡I'm Da One
      Kim Hyun Joong ft Jay Park
      ♡Rubber Band/Unbreakable
      ♡So What
      NCT Dream
      ♡Chewing Gum
      R.Tee x Anda
      ♡What You Waiting For
      Red Velvet
      ♡Power Up
      ♡Lucky Girl
      ♡Be Natural
      ♡Red Flavor
      ♡Ice Cream Cake
      ♡Russian Roulette
      SNSD/Girls Generation
      ♡You Think
      ♡Chain Reaction
      ♡I Just Wanna Dance
      ♡Catch Me If You Can
      ♡Forever 1
      TOO/TO1/Ten Oriented Orchestra
      ♡Count 1, 2
      ♡What Is Love
      Weki Meki
      ♡La La La La
      ♡I Don't Like Your GirIfriend
      If I missed something/anyone, pls update me 💖 Thank you! 🤝

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    • @TM.BECK14
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      Eh not unheard of. I do that with both limes and lemons.

    • @myrandacole9389
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    • @torionaashlee2000
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    • @MP-Vancity
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    • @rachelbarton3635
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