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The Try Guys Blow Glass

Umie艣膰 na stronie
  • Opublikowany 6 pa藕 2023
  • Watch as Keith, Zach and Kwesi blow super hard on hot glass, heat up their long poles, and jam them into fiery glory holes (stop giggling!) as they learn first-hand about the incredible craft of glassblowing! (we said stop laughing! just watch!)
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Komentarze • 1,5K

  • @algebrainz5989

    The glass professional being so visibly shocked at zachs glass shard pic makes me really think she's never seen that problem before in her entire career

  • @rebmichelle

    This is one of my favorite experts they鈥檝e ever had, she was so on board with all their jokes

  • @pencru
    @pencru  +998

    鈥淗ow many treadmills do you have here?鈥 is going to be my new #1 safety check.

  • @javierr.2450

    Teacher - "Remember it's hot even if it doesn't look hot"

  • @rayneszyndrowski1861

    I love that Kwesi had a whole slide show for his "vase" consept

  • @sarahcervantes1270

    Cathi is one of my favorite professionals they've had on the channel. She's dope as heck and awesome at her job

  • @ongjiewei

    Zach's life flashed before his eyes when that glass exploded....

  • @maddiewynn4258

    Zach and Keith just wanted an excuse to make their own bongs鈥 I鈥檓 here for it馃ぃ鉂わ笍鉁

  • @leli7902
    @leli7902  +494

    Sometimes I miss Eugene but I know he鈥檚 doin his thang 馃グ馃挏

  • @LPdedicated

    Can we just talk about how chill the expert was with their jokes while simultaneously being a total badass?!

  • @XWolfyx713

    I love that Kwesi and Keith just nodded in disbelief at learning the fact sex toys were made with the scientific glass lmfao

  • @user-mh2rj4rp6s

    My mom from across the room was wondering who got hurt by glass, I answered "Zach from the Try Guys", She goes "The little one? Thats so sad"

  • @ddieter603

    This had a quaint, vintage Try Guys vibe to it, don't y'all think? I particularly loved the public-domain music selections, which are always on point. Love y'all.

  • @peggedyourdad9560

    I can only imagine how wild this would've been if Eugene was with the guys here.

  • @beejdude
    @beejdude  +43

    i love how the guys are hyping her up!! she鈥檚 such a pro and they鈥檙e all having so much fun. loved the energy they all had together

  • @ChlosterSays

    I love that Lauren made a cute little paperweight with Cathi, and the guys made bo- vases馃槀 this was def one of the coolest things you guys have tried yet

  • @aliselynch

    I love how everyone interacted in this one. She really was tickled by the jokes, and got the point. Loved her vibe and she clearly appreciated the energy you guys brought. Kwesi is a real gem. I'm always happy to watch Keith and Zach with Kwesi and Jonny.

  • @leebaker6760

    Now that I'm taking a film production class, I'm realizing how godly the editors are at the try guys 馃槶馃槶 I would not have the patience

  • @eyeseajujubee

    I鈥檓 so happy that Kwesi is in videos more. He always brings so much joy and fun. 鈥淗ow many treadmills do you have here?鈥

  • @rainyhaze2053

    I am very thankful they gave Cathi this badass shot of spinning the glass stick in slow motion, just so I can go: women 馃槏鉂も嶐煍モ湪