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Try Guys Eat Every Taco in LA

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  • Opublikowany 8 gru 2023
  • Have you ever wondered how many Taco Trucks there are in LA? Today, Zach, Keith, and Garrick explore LA to find out, and taste-test them all!
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Komentarze • 1K

  • @ongjiewei
    @ongjiewei 3 miesięcy temu +3842

    The level of validation Zach feels when the employee agrees with him that the Al Pastor was the best

    • @a.grimes4202
      @a.grimes4202 3 miesięcy temu +7

      The correct answer is actually al carbon.

    • @Woodshadow
      @Woodshadow 3 miesięcy temu +18

      I’m so sad that true Al pastor is hard to find. I’m seeing a couple of places that have Al pastor but it’s not the real thing. No one does it where I live.

    • @elliechristine8299
      @elliechristine8299 3 miesięcy temu +8

      I live in another city famous for street tacos and can confirm, fresh al pastor cannot be beaten

    • @BbGun-lw5vi
      @BbGun-lw5vi 3 miesięcy temu +9

      @@WoodshadowI feel your pain! True Al Pastor tacos are ridiculously hard to find even in L.A. They claim to be Al Pastor but they’re always more of that adobada flavor.
      In Mexico you can find them easily.

  • @gracemcguigan
    @gracemcguigan 3 miesięcy temu +3650

    i love the chaos of the guys optimistically abandoning google maps and immediately failing to find any taco trucks anywhere😭

    • @harvestmoon_autumnsky
      @harvestmoon_autumnsky 3 miesięcy temu +23

      Never bet against google

    • @toylips
      @toylips 3 miesięcy temu +14

      ​@@harvestmoon_autumnskyYou're just trying to navigate to work and it suspiciously takes you one street over so you buzz the food joints! It's made for this!

    • @ElectricVehiclesAreGoodF-ti7xd
      @ElectricVehiclesAreGoodF-ti7xd 3 miesięcy temu +1

      Taco trucks also have roaches though. Should have gone to TREJOS TACOS!!!

    • @Foset23445
      @Foset23445 Miesiąc temu

      16:21 this is Turkish Doner

  • @marianadasilvacenteno5
    @marianadasilvacenteno5 3 miesięcy temu +1947

    Zach speaking Spanish is so fun! Maggie is doing a good job teaching him!!!!

    • @Huzzleton
      @Huzzleton 3 miesięcy temu +17

      He said, like, two sentences

    • @midnashadow8439
      @midnashadow8439 3 miesięcy temu +158

      @@Huzzletonyet his annunciation was pretty good!

    • @victoriakathleen01
      @victoriakathleen01 3 miesięcy temu +89

      Plus, when he uses basic Spanish, it gives me a chance to practice listening as another beginner!! 🥰

    • @monicasmm
      @monicasmm 3 miesięcy temu +97

      @@Huzzletonhe said a combination of words you probably won’t hear come out correctly from a early beginner. He’s definitely got a good understanding of Spanish!

  • @Jack-jg4jy
    @Jack-jg4jy 3 miesięcy temu +1774

    Does anyone else feel like the guys had writers block and then were like “Fuck it! We’re eating tacos!” And it just… worked out 😂 I love this.

    • @harpy2602
      @harpy2602 3 miesięcy temu +102

      The dynamic definitely feels different. I know they wanted to embrace things and branch out after what happened last year, but now with Eugene on so many other projects and not being a mainstay on the channel, the vibe's shifted for sure. And I think some of the creative brainstorming has died because of the company dynamic being different

    • @benjaminwu100
      @benjaminwu100 3 miesięcy temu +76

      Tbf, they did say that this was a good video idea a year ago at the end of their Eating Every Pizza in NYC.

    • @nancythomas5387
      @nancythomas5387 3 miesięcy temu +62

      People love watching Keith eat, so why not spread it out and share the joy a bit?

  • @Spider_lily021
    @Spider_lily021 3 miesięcy temu +3260

    Zach’s hair was progressively becoming more crazy

    • @jp4331
      @jp4331 3 miesięcy temu +19

      That’s what happens when you age 😏

    • @a.grimes4202
      @a.grimes4202 3 miesięcy temu +9

      Who needs hair spray? 😂

    • @jacktoulouse5390
      @jacktoulouse5390 3 miesięcy temu +3

      Anyone know where his shirt is from?

    • @ericsalazar6161
      @ericsalazar6161 3 miesięcy temu +23

      I can't wait till.he embraces the bald look....tbh I think he'd look better and younger with the bald look

    • @dinoduckling2662
      @dinoduckling2662 3 miesięcy temu +21

      @@ericsalazar6161sorry but no I disagree I feel like if he went bald he'd definitely look older

  • @janessy5674
    @janessy5674 3 miesięcy temu +1362

    6:28 Keith was so flabbergasted because of Zach speaking spanish🤣🤣

    • @Witch_Bitch86
      @Witch_Bitch86 3 miesięcy temu +71

      Keith is the whitest of white boys

    • @Estydyanna
      @Estydyanna 3 miesięcy temu +55

      Same his Spanish is so good !! That made me so happy !!

    • @caseyd.1446
      @caseyd.1446 3 miesięcy temu +111

      It was SO FUNNY to me 😄😄 like Zack is married to Maggie?? Who i'm pretty sure is Peruvian? 🙃 And they live in LA? Even if it wasn't super handy to communicate, Zack strikes me as the type of guy who exuberantly learns his partner's language.

    • @unionunicorn6776
      @unionunicorn6776 3 miesięcy temu +8

      @@caseyd.1446yeah that made me so happy! 🥰

    • @erinmccready270
      @erinmccready270 3 miesięcy temu +4

      Hell, I was flabbergasted!!!

  • @markevans9188
    @markevans9188 3 miesięcy temu +2211

    every time you called a taco "wet", i realized why you didn't ask Kweisi to come along.

  • @carolinecollacutt8193
    @carolinecollacutt8193 3 miesięcy temu +514

    i really love how big garrick smiles when he's eating something yummy he doesn't have to say a word you just know

    • @marim0y
      @marim0y 3 miesięcy temu +21

      He really has such a genuine smile. 😊

  • @daiinginside9845
    @daiinginside9845 3 miesięcy temu +501

    if i had a nickel for every time zach has lost a shirt button near his belly button on a tropical style shirt in a try guys food video, i'd have two nickels. which isn't a lot, but it's weird that it's happened twice

  • @__iTimmayy
    @__iTimmayy 3 miesięcy temu +885

    Love Zach flexing his Spanish that he's learning! Good for him. Love watching these types of videos~

    • @thatgirl9532
      @thatgirl9532 3 miesięcy temu +16

      I had no idea he was learning until people gave this information like you. Thanks ❤

    • @jmason1770
      @jmason1770 3 miesięcy temu +53

      @@thatgirl9532 I'm not surprised. Maggie speaks Spanish and Zach has said that he wants their future kids to speak Spanish.

    • @thithery777
      @thithery777 3 miesięcy temu +4

      @@jmason1770😭 so cute omg

    • @thatgirl9532
      @thatgirl9532 3 miesięcy temu +2

      @@jmason1770 you told me that twice already 🤣

    • @MsAliciaRe
      @MsAliciaRe 3 miesięcy temu +4

      @@jmason1770 He also visits Maggie's family in Peru, so it just makes sense to learn.

  • @thatgirl9532
    @thatgirl9532 3 miesięcy temu +1107

    Zach & Keith are keeping this channel really afloat. We love you guys ❤

    • @chloesimmons9917
      @chloesimmons9917 3 miesięcy temu +26

      Where is Eugene?

    • @Destiny-vw7qm
      @Destiny-vw7qm 3 miesięcy temu +92

      And Kwesi at this point😂

    • @thatgirl9532
      @thatgirl9532 3 miesięcy temu +43

      @@chloesimmons9917 I have no clue myself 😅… it might be possible that around this time he still was working on other projects outside try guys 🤷‍♀️

    • @thatgirl9532
      @thatgirl9532 3 miesięcy temu +55

      @@Destiny-vw7qm Kwesi & Johnny for sure!
      I keep asking for Joyce cause she is just a real vibe 🤣

    • @redeye1016
      @redeye1016 3 miesięcy temu +63

      @@chloesimmons9917he literally doesn’t do anything anymore it seems. I hope he isn’t being paid the same as the other two cos they are working really hard. I feel like kwesi is more of a try guy than eugene at this point 😂

  • @diancavilla6422
    @diancavilla6422 3 miesięcy temu +668

    Wishing Eugene could join for videos like this but love the Zach and Keith adventures 🥹💙💚

  • @_michelleza
    @_michelleza 3 miesięcy temu +757

    they should come to Chicago and get hot dogs from everywhere (it’s something tourists want)

    • @organizerbmo
      @organizerbmo 3 miesięcy temu +16

      As long as they don't remove certain ingredients because they 'don't like onions/tomatoes'. I think Good Mythical Morning's Link did that in a chicago style hot dog review and it was ridiculous. Especially for dishes that are carefully balanced in terms of flavor and texture, removing one thing just destroys the harmony

    • @emiliebowman6831
      @emiliebowman6831 3 miesięcy temu +10

      Or pierogi!

    • @itxaumby2591
      @itxaumby2591 3 miesięcy temu +17

      @@organizerbmo I agree that a food review should be of the items as they are intended to be eaten. But I also wouldn't want somebody to try it and hate it because there's an ingredient they're strongly averse to which ruined the rest of the experience for them.

    • @bodyofhope
      @bodyofhope 3 miesięcy temu

      Great idea!

    • @lilypad2245
      @lilypad2245 2 miesięcy temu +2

      And deep dish!

  • @KatBaumgarten
    @KatBaumgarten 3 miesięcy temu +93

    The fact that zack's hair was fully vertical when he got in the car after getting the tacos and no one says anything is the best part

  • @hoshi-15
    @hoshi-15 3 miesięcy temu +180

    Hearing Zach had a difficult connection with food and not many foods agree with him, but he's so happy eating tacos and churros. Glad he has a happy food place

    • @belzi87
      @belzi87 3 miesięcy temu +6

      I relate so hard to Zach with his food intolerances, I'm a foodie at heart but there's always a trade off!

    • @bodyofhope
      @bodyofhope 3 miesięcy temu +6

      ​@@belzi87 same. It's really nice when you find foods that are "safe" and still pleasurable.

  • @shelby4771
    @shelby4771 3 miesięcy temu +80

    Can we talk about how Zach is obviously working hard at his Spanish, most likely for Maggie and/or her family? 🥰

  • @marianneconverse4824
    @marianneconverse4824 3 miesięcy temu +75

    Please do more eating videos like this, because it looked like Zach and Keith just said "F*ck it. We're going out to lunch, and filming it. How do we make it a video?" Everyone was having so much fun. And Zach just casually whipping out the Spanish was awesome. Maybe grab Eugene one day and get kalbi?

  • @cinnaamonroll
    @cinnaamonroll 3 miesięcy temu +79

    Zach speaking Spanish warmed my little Mexican heart 🤧💜

  • @nancythomas5387
    @nancythomas5387 3 miesięcy temu +230

    Wishing the Guys, and all of 2nd Try, a happy, calm, relaxing, fun, restful Labor Day weekend with absolutely no drama whatsoever!

    • @Molly-vn3if
      @Molly-vn3if 3 miesięcy temu +49

      Oh shit has it been one year of absolutely nothing happening at all and no drama breaking everything apart?

    • @nancythomas5387
      @nancythomas5387 3 miesięcy temu +28

      @@Molly-vn3if One year ago started a long, drawn out period of ugliness. I'm wishing everyone a little quiet joy that it's mostly if not entirely behind them.

  • @geloooouise
    @geloooouise 3 miesięcy temu +150

    I'm wondering if Jonathan and Jack eats off camera? Or do they just shoot the guys eating? If I were them I'd be drooling 🤣

    • @danielleking262
      @danielleking262 2 miesięcy temu

      I was wondering the same too because we keep seeing them order only 2 or 3 tacos!

  • @Chantaya
    @Chantaya 3 miesięcy temu +174

    A Garrick appearance! Fun video. Do more I'd be here for a sushi one.🌮

  • @HayleySmithPhotography
    @HayleySmithPhotography 3 miesięcy temu +118

    It’s killing me that they don’t realize the reason you’re given 2 tortillas is to have the 2nd tortilla catch all the drippings, so you get 2 in 1

    • @1RandomOne
      @1RandomOne 3 miesięcy temu +10

      That’s…that’s not the reason for the double tortilla

    • @TheAsianslovetechno
      @TheAsianslovetechno 3 miesięcy temu +5

      The taco would tear apart if there were only 1 Tortilla unless you want some skimpy tacos like a dabble of meat and toppings.

    • @HayleySmithPhotography
      @HayleySmithPhotography 3 miesięcy temu +2

      @@TheAsianslovetechno actually, I’ve seen people do it a lot, even my boyfriend, and the tortilla stays together well, because the tortilla is made well enough for that to happen

    • @TheAsianslovetechno
      @TheAsianslovetechno 3 miesięcy temu +7

      @HayleySmithPhotography real street corn tortillas are not supposed to be thick and tough. It's supposed to be fried a little bit in oil or grease or consume enough to give it a little bit of crunch or textured but not hard enough to be a tostada. The first layer of the tortilla will be too drenched from the meat,juices and your toppings and sauce if you choose to put a sauce on it. So all that will seap into the Tortilla, therefore you have the second Tortilla for support. It's basically two ply for tacos.

  • @ashleyjohnson1990
    @ashleyjohnson1990 3 miesięcy temu +168

    I’m always happy to see Garrick 😊

  • @nicoleb695
    @nicoleb695 3 miesięcy temu +72

    I love these Eat the Menus! It gives exposure to small businesses and helps support them. Plus it's way fresher and better for poor Keith's tummy! 😂😂

  • @kirabellebecker509
    @kirabellebecker509 3 miesięcy temu +18

    I think it is so sweet that so many people use these videos for help/ motivation to eat a good meal and nourish their bodies I hope Keith knows he is helping people!

  • @lifekeepsflowing
    @lifekeepsflowing 3 miesięcy temu +62

    I love how time and time again they always support small and local businesses! It’s another reason why I love the Try Guys Family❤

  • @capitalhillproductions9790
    @capitalhillproductions9790 3 miesięcy temu +113

    You guys should go to Olvera Street and showcase Mexican food in general. Also.... most Taco trucks don't come out until later in the day, particularly for the night life.

  • @amandanguyen9262
    @amandanguyen9262 3 miesięcy temu +21

    I kinda hoped that yall would've kept going into the night time! Maybe we could get a part two but with the night time ones? Most of them don't open up until the evenings!

  • @jenniferuribe5431
    @jenniferuribe5431 3 miesięcy temu +90

    I just realized how much Zach has been eating meta lately, I’m happy his health is up and he can enjoy these foods!

  • @ten-hx2xi
    @ten-hx2xi 3 miesięcy temu +46

    honestly even if this was a “fuck it we dont know what else to do lets get tacos” im so here for the influx of this just the ppl of the try team existing as cool buddies

  • @musical_kait
    @musical_kait 3 miesięcy temu +50

    Zack (Jack, Jake's) energy on the video is everything. The "silly goose" at the end 😂

  • @chloesmith7565
    @chloesmith7565 3 miesięcy temu +93

    Zach’s Spanish, impressive. Love tacos and more videos showing me where to eat, yes please.

  • @Adyleemaryinez
    @Adyleemaryinez 3 miesięcy temu +24

    “I’m not gonna try and sound educated”
    Zach: I would call it yummy! 😂

  • @jullia205
    @jullia205 3 miesięcy temu +51

    Garrick has this endearing energy to him

  • @bluchismoon
    @bluchismoon 3 miesięcy temu +33

    Man, that last one was truly similar to the Mexico taco stand experience. Also, I'm impressed that they had suadero, I feel like that's one of the less offered taco fillings in the states. Like, even birria I've been seeing more people talk about.

    • @danielleking262
      @danielleking262 2 miesięcy temu

      Same!! I feel like suddenly I'm seeing birria in so many Mexican food videos!!!

  • @elifsoium
    @elifsoium 3 miesięcy temu +15

    I love this kind of videos, so cosy so intimate. It's nice seeing big productions like Without a recipe or even the Keith tonight show where he really got to make a dream come true, BUT THERE S SOMETHING ABOUT A SIMPLE VIDEO WITH THESE GUYS, A CAMERA AND THEIR CHEMISTRY THAT I ADORE. I think the diversity of their content is what kept it so interesting after so many years. Thank you guys for all the work !!

  • @Blunt_beth
    @Blunt_beth 3 miesięcy temu +11

    Zack getting out of the car and kieth letting him amd then immediately saying "idk how were ever gonna find him again" was giving me my friends at the rave when i run away to explore vibes

  • @danielasanty1833
    @danielasanty1833 3 miesięcy temu +43

    As a Mexican citizen, I approve these tacos

  • @sunlightellie3479
    @sunlightellie3479 3 miesięcy temu +38

    In Mexico, the fact that the time of day and the day itself influence the type of tacos available is beautiful to me
    Greetings from Aguascalientes! 🇲🇽

    • @natatatatatatatatatttt
      @natatatatatatatatatttt 3 miesięcy temu +2

      Had the best tacos of my life in Aguascalientes.

    • @Blunteffect27
      @Blunteffect27 3 miesięcy temu

      Sorry to break your hart but best tacos are in Guadalajara

    • @anasofiacaso
      @anasofiacaso 3 miesięcy temu

      Estaba buscando este comentario, los tacos se comen a toda hora, no solo de lunch 😅

  • @TheBlinkyfish
    @TheBlinkyfish 3 miesięcy temu +14

    Hey Keith, I have a suggestion for a really special Eat the Menu you could do. Ray's Candy Store in East Village, NYC would be such a fun video. They have old school soda fountain stuff, deep fried fair food, and lots of other random stuff. Bourdain used to visit, and the owner is a 90 year old sweetheart with a fascinating story about how he came to the US and his 40+ years running the shop. You'd have to film at 2am because that's the true experience.

  • @lilypad2245
    @lilypad2245 2 miesięcy temu +2

    Can we bring back that one tailgate series keith had w his friends to compete from the best x place (pizza, burger, etc)

  • @therealme13jc
    @therealme13jc 3 miesięcy temu +13

    The way they said “beef brisket” so in sync like they were briefly possessed by the meat 16:20

  • @carolyngirard1808
    @carolyngirard1808 3 miesięcy temu +21

    I love it when they do videos like this so that all the local vendors and businesses can get their well deserved shout out ❤ them tacos look so goooood

  • @daniellecrider1705
    @daniellecrider1705 2 miesięcy temu +1

    This video just shows how hard it is to spontaneously find things in LA.

  • @Feimicha
    @Feimicha 3 miesięcy temu +8

    Ok but Zach speaking Spanish wasn’t meant to be surprising, but it certainly was eye-or ear-catching. I never studied Spanish, only French, but he sounds surprisingly good, despite the accent that just kinda settles around. He’s been studying!

  • @jaybeeme
    @jaybeeme 3 miesięcy temu +7

    Everyone repeating "Beef brisket" in unison is the most suburban dad thing I've seen in a while

  • @DannyA3579
    @DannyA3579 3 miesięcy temu +2

    When I worked on cruise ships, we stopped in Cozumel. Of course people went to the touristy places for tacos…but the crew and the locals went to what we called “Dirty Tacos”. That wasn’t the actual name. It was just a dingy old converted pickup truck where they made awesome tacos for $1, had toppings on a table on the sidewalk, and a giant hand sanitizer container.
    Your take on the Los Angeles taco scene is accurate…the dingier the truck, the better the taco.

  • @uhohspaghettios2391
    @uhohspaghettios2391 3 miesięcy temu +6

    My dad lived in LA briefly about 40 years ago. Since that time, he has refused to eat Mexican food- and particularly tacos- because they were so good at the taco stands he would go to that he's never found their equal anywhere else and barely even thinks it's worth it to try. I hope your taco journey produces similar highs. Godspeed, boys. Now, onto the video!

  • @Lisserocket
    @Lisserocket 3 miesięcy temu +19

    Also zach just getting out of the vehicle is just like last year where he abandoned everyone to go get vegan lasagna

  • @Stephen_no_saurusRex
    @Stephen_no_saurusRex 3 miesięcy temu +30

    Everytime I stay up to do random stuff, try guys always comes at the perfect time to keep me doing random stuff.

  • @kragey
    @kragey 3 miesięcy temu +64

    The sheer disappointment over the burger truck in the tourist trap zone, LOL.

  • @KristenRowenPliske
    @KristenRowenPliske 3 miesięcy temu +10

    Why is Keith surprised that Zach knows some Spanish?? Did he forget about Maggie!?! 😂

  • @JacksG13
    @JacksG13 3 miesięcy temu +3

    As a Mexican who lives and works in Hollywood, I was literally screaming about all the places you missed. Literally just go down Hollywood blvd and there are so many trucks, roadside stands, at least one brick and mortar one left. And you drove past the truck on Western, just north of Hollywood, next to the Ralph's strip mall entrance!

  • @kayliemasi2407
    @kayliemasi2407 3 miesięcy temu

    “You can only take one bite… cuz the second will clog an artery” 😂😂😂

  • @lunabear
    @lunabear 3 miesięcy temu +46

    Feels like a throwback episode. Garrick guest starring, and a Reinacher moment with the impromptu Pastor song 😅

  • @kerrywhitemd
    @kerrywhitemd 3 miesięcy temu +22

    zachs hair has a new life of its own in this one

  • @haii_kaii
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    EDIT OMG The world's biggest taco record is in my city! A picture of my town is in a TryGuys video 😂

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      @cupcakekittysly4641 2 miesięcy temu

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    @Pestsoutwest 3 miesięcy temu +43

    The best Mexican food trucks in CA are all in the central valley. Drive 45 minutes outside of any major city into the farmland and stop at any food truck on the side of the road. It's the good stuff.

    • @owlrecluse2234
      @owlrecluse2234 3 miesięcy temu +8

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    • @liyinliang
      @liyinliang 3 miesięcy temu

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    • @Pestsoutwest
      @Pestsoutwest 3 miesięcy temu +1

      @liyinliang I've eaten everything that is to be eaten in LA and I will say there are a few standout places that i have to give props to. I do enjoy traveling around LA trying new things. But try Marry's catering on the corner of Copus rd and Old River rd just off of I5 and 166 in Kern County. The breakfast burritos are the best in all of CA. It's just in the middle of No Place road and Are You Lost boulevard.

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