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Zach Tries 1000 Needle Acupuncture

Umie艣膰 na stronie
  • Opublikowany 22 sie 2023
  • Sure, the guys have had acupuncture before, but have they had 1,000 needles in their body at one time?! Today, Zach is going to do just that, and Kwesi, well, he鈥檚 going to watch.
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  • @rachelc6516
    @rachelc6516 3 miesi臋cy temu +7096

    Zach just be CARRYING this whole channel on his back lately.

    • @AM.000
      @AM.000 3 miesi臋cy temu +124

      He is Atlas馃帀

    • @M0rbidCuriositea
      @M0rbidCuriositea 3 miesi臋cy temu +96

      Sometimes literally

    • @M1AH
      @M1AH 3 miesi臋cy temu +400

      that's why he's so stiff in his spine

    • @baoyenaj5186
      @baoyenaj5186 3 miesi臋cy temu +203

      I do get the impression the Try Guys have run out of ideas/are coming to an end 馃槵

    • @andrewrocks10
      @andrewrocks10 3 miesi臋cy temu +28

      He's the most boring one though 馃槩

  • @caithenry8429
    @caithenry8429 3 miesi臋cy temu +3002

    I love that Zach was able to get his therapeutic adventures written off as a business expense. He's doing it right

    • @CatDaddy.
      @CatDaddy. 3 miesi臋cy temu +8

      Yes but he is also kinda promoting something that isn't really good :/

    • @caithenry8429
      @caithenry8429 3 miesi臋cy temu +30

      @@CatDaddy. What is he promoting that isn't good? I am unaware

    • @amandaweires
      @amandaweires 3 miesi臋cy temu +8

      Except that this is kind of overkill and probably no longer therapeutic at these numbers.

    • @johanna3784
      @johanna3784 3 miesi臋cy temu +73

      @@CatDaddy.what? They literally said in the video that you shouldn鈥檛 try this at home

  • @F.R676
    @F.R676 3 miesi臋cy temu +3624

    love the energy kwesi brings, him and zach really bounce off of eachother so well. Also kwesis reactions to the two he got put in is so funny

    • @thatgirl9532
      @thatgirl9532 3 miesi臋cy temu +17

      They are both weird in a funny way 馃槀

    • @kiwismurf4536
      @kiwismurf4536 3 miesi臋cy temu +35

      kwesi's energy is indeed awesome, contagious almost. has my vote to become the next try guy

    • @roor6846
      @roor6846 3 miesi臋cy temu +24

      I loved when he scratched Zach's nose, "we're really good friends, huh!?"
      They both have great positivity, it's a joy to see.

    • @piercedsiren
      @piercedsiren 3 miesi臋cy temu +17

      Kwesi should be the official 4th guy.

    • @CinnamonBasic
      @CinnamonBasic 3 miesi臋cy temu +2

      seriously i love him

  • @thaursir
    @thaursir 3 miesi臋cy temu +2480

    Jonathan walking away from that last joke, shaking his head in disappointment, while the poor acupuncturist is like, "My mom is laughing at that joke, why."

    • @gix9461
      @gix9461 3 miesi臋cy temu +28

      My fav moment

    • @gabiluch87
      @gabiluch87 3 miesi臋cy temu +21

      She knows what's up lmao

  • @abbywolffe4114
    @abbywolffe4114 3 miesi臋cy temu +2348

    Unrelated but I love the energy of the acupuncturists, they鈥檙e joking around with Zach and Kwesi but they also have very soothing presences and explained the science in an easily understandable way
    Like I wish more medical professionals made me feel that relaxed

    • @rose4297
      @rose4297 3 miesi臋cy temu +8

      Totally! I can listen to them all day.

    • @RedstonerD
      @RedstonerD 3 miesi臋cy temu +66

      鈥婡@rose4297gotta say that this is not science, so it's easy to explain. I agree that healthcare professionals should also more be trained to make you feel seen, but that requires more money

    • @fearneperez3714
      @fearneperez3714 3 miesi臋cy temu +22

      @@RedstonerD There's plenty of studies on acupuncture, and many of them are free to access! If you don't mind the recommendation, I find the impact on the Vagus nerve particularly exciting.

    • @stellasdoesstuff
      @stellasdoesstuff 3 miesi臋cy temu +20

      鈥婡@fearneperez3714鈥 zach made a video with Dr. Mike where he discusses the difficulties of studying accupuncture because you can't really have a placebo to compare it to

  • @aristar9902
    @aristar9902 3 miesi臋cy temu +4234

    I feel like just counting 1000 needles is challenging enough

    • @toxicginger9936
      @toxicginger9936 3 miesi臋cy temu +55

      That's why you open a fresh box... so you don't have to actually count.

    • @Ulvdronning
      @Ulvdronning 3 miesi臋cy temu +43

      I counted to 1000 once when I was 9. It's a vivid memory for some reason, when really it was just the drive to my grandparents' house for a normal day lol

    • @robo7643
      @robo7643 3 miesi臋cy temu +12

      鈥婡@UlvdronningI used to count as high as I could while on long drives as a kid 馃槀 that was a memory trigger

    • @lacylove3052
      @lacylove3052 3 miesi臋cy temu +4

      They are probably counted by weight lol

    • @Leodejohnson
      @Leodejohnson 3 miesi臋cy temu

      Loooools too tru

  • @buggibii
    @buggibii 3 miesi臋cy temu +2887

    Get yourself a homie who'll scratch your nose while 400 needles collectively are in your hands 馃挭

  • @Bree-fo5vc
    @Bree-fo5vc 3 miesi臋cy temu +923

    Kwesi being there as a reaction specialist is exactly what kwesi needs to do as an official profession

  • @haleycallaghan
    @haleycallaghan 3 miesi臋cy temu +801

    Veronica should be an ASMRtist, her voice was so soft and idk if it was her tone but I was getting tingles lol

  • @morpheusmishima
    @morpheusmishima 3 miesi臋cy temu +707

    Next episode; how to remove 1000 acupuncture needles using an MRI machine

    • @felixhenson9926
      @felixhenson9926 3 miesi臋cy temu +56

      this common wasn't all that funny up until the MRI machine bit. that mental image has me HOWLING

    • @yokomomochi
      @yokomomochi 3 miesi臋cy temu +8

      Jesus Christ 馃槀馃槶 LMAOOO

    • @gateauxq4604
      @gateauxq4604 3 miesi臋cy temu +36

      I鈥檓 torn between the image of all the needles coming off at once and wondering how many might get pulled through his body 馃槼

    • @LML1415
      @LML1415 3 miesi臋cy temu +5

      Omg that is terrifying

  • @jessicalee3229
    @jessicalee3229 3 miesi臋cy temu +113

    Kwesi's random forehead needle just reminds me of something that happened when I was little. My mom was seeing an acupuncturist for back pain, and my sister and I were in the same room. I was suffering from allergies, so I kept sniffling. Apparently I was really bugging the acupuncturist, so he asked if he could stab me. My mom assented, and then he poked one needle on head. Immediately stopped sniffling, and my sinuses cleared up. Then I started bugging my mom if I could see himacupuncturist

  • @FariWu
    @FariWu 3 miesi臋cy temu +94

    鈥淗ey look at that, we鈥檙e the same!鈥 - Kwesi with 1 needle and Zach with 469 needles.

  • @aprilcampbell4910
    @aprilcampbell4910 3 miesi臋cy temu +572

    I want to know how Zach felt after all the needles were taken out. Any pain relief/relaxation afterwards?

    • @xmayoburkex
      @xmayoburkex 3 miesi臋cy temu +23

      Was wondering the same thing. Been wanting to try and if this works it might be worth it.

    • @gothgirlasmr.mp4
      @gothgirlasmr.mp4 3 miesi臋cy temu +33

      I've done accupuncture before, I haven't felt pain afterwards. There is a relaxation to it.

    • @CatDaddy.
      @CatDaddy. 3 miesi臋cy temu +15

      鈥婡xmayoburkex be careful of placebo! And/or if they ask u to come back very often

    • @br4418
      @br4418 3 miesi臋cy temu +15

      鈥婡@xmayoburkexit definitely depends on the reason for getting it 馃槉 there are sort of acupuncture. The original traditional Chinese acupuncture which is what they were doing here, where they put the needles in one part of the body and it treats another. And then there's the more anatomical one which a physiotherapist might do(which I get for back pain from muscle spasms) this is where they but the needles deeper directly into the problem area which loosens the muscle and increases blood flow to help healing. Then with massage after I find it incredibly helpful! And on the whole, you can't feel them. Only every now and then can you maybe feel one in a tight muscle. It's very relaxing!
      I've even heard of a tens machine being added to needles in the second type but I haven't had it 馃槉

    • @michelleruocco2737
      @michelleruocco2737 2 miesi臋cy temu +4

      鈥婡@CatDaddy. The placebo effect is still helpful!

  • @ongjiewei
    @ongjiewei 3 miesi臋cy temu +534

    when choosing the thumbnail
    Rachel: Zach, you wanna make it attention grabbing, scary or nightmare inducing?
    Zach: Yes

  • @_MissLoLo
    @_MissLoLo 3 miesi臋cy temu +527

    The acupuncture needles are so thin and flexible you can press down on one and it will bend against the pressure rather then stick into your skin. Hence the little "tube" for applying them.

    • @clairvaux8459
      @clairvaux8459 3 miesi臋cy temu +38

      Wish I saw this comment earlier; when he stood up, I got nervous that he'd bump into something by accident and push the needles further into his skin 馃槶馃槀

    • @_MissLoLo
      @_MissLoLo 3 miesi臋cy temu +2


  • @86fifty
    @86fifty 3 miesi臋cy temu +237

    0:31 - "I hit my out-of-pocket insurance maximum this year cuz of the ole' glass-in-the-leg situation, so I've been going to get acupuncture twice a week." Sentences that are so Millennial, it hurts.

  • @IzumisChild
    @IzumisChild 3 miesi臋cy temu +185

    I love how the mom immediately jumped to yes of course when Zach asked if they could make him more beautiful. Soooo sweet!

  • @Sunny_boy17
    @Sunny_boy17 3 miesi臋cy temu +99

    i love zack doing exploration of any type health specialty, such as this, mental health, chronic pain, or disability! makes me feel seen and awesome to see that being represented through the perspective of someone who also shares chronic pain like i do.

  • @huntern4454
    @huntern4454 3 miesi臋cy temu +109

    I鈥檓 glad Zach is taking care of himself more these days, it shows and he looks so healthy!

  • @dan_w_e1989
    @dan_w_e1989 3 miesi臋cy temu +93

    Petition for Kwesi to be the "Fly Guy" instead of a "Try Guy" (because he is a man of his own level lol)

  • @kaitlynrain899
    @kaitlynrain899 3 miesi臋cy temu +81

    鈥淪o you鈥檙e gonna do the reactions for me鈥
    鈥淚t鈥檚 gonna be a whole bunch of smiles鈥
    I just doubled over in wholesomeness?? Didn鈥檛 know that reaction was possible

  • @loglog1954
    @loglog1954 Miesi膮c temu +2

    The part with Kwesi helping Zach scratch his nose was SO funny. 鈥淲ow, we鈥檙e REALLY good friends, huh鈥

  • @stephanienelson3073
    @stephanienelson3073 3 miesi臋cy temu +67

    I love these medical try videos but we miss the after it鈥檚 done stuff and the how do you feel a week later, a day later, or more time.

    • @Mocha_x_svt
      @Mocha_x_svt 3 miesi臋cy temu +7

      Yeah follow up video would be nice or even just a 5 minute interview going over how they felt any changes they noticed etc

  • @thatgirl9532
    @thatgirl9532 3 miesi臋cy temu +247

    And once again Zach & Kwesi do something wild & wacky鈥 love these two 馃槀

  • @yv334
    @yv334 3 miesi臋cy temu +7

    鈥淵ou know when I got here I was aware of my achy body. I would say I鈥檓 no longer aware of it鈥 really good line from Zach 馃槀

  • @clairvaux8459
    @clairvaux8459 3 miesi臋cy temu +21

    Kwesi was SO immediately onboard at the idea of putting 4000 needles in Zach just to win a world record 馃槀 as expected tbh. I imagine Zach asking "hey do you want to react to a bunch of needles poking into me" and Kwesi going "say no more, tell me when" peak friendship

  • @trollingmermaids
    @trollingmermaids 3 miesi臋cy temu +93

    Kwesi laughs like a joyful cartoon bear and i love him so much

  • @beautifullyjess3893
    @beautifullyjess3893 3 miesi臋cy temu +126

    Zac just embracing the scary sleep demon energy justmakes me HAPPY馃槉

  • @bleuefish
    @bleuefish 3 miesi臋cy temu +9

    I absolutely adore the fact Zach had some moments where he felt free of pain. YES GO ZACH

  • @ThinlyCut90
    @ThinlyCut90 3 miesi臋cy temu +20

    Zach is doing the absolute most for this channel and I am here for it.

  • @sunnydoies7421
    @sunnydoies7421 3 miesi臋cy temu +89

    kwesi and zach have quickly become one of my fave duos of the channel

  • @Andrew38848
    @Andrew38848 3 miesi臋cy temu +415

    Fyi the record that Kwesi mentions of over 2,000 acupuncture needles was all in the head not the entire body like what Zach is doing馃槷

  • @cykotykdoesgames5792
    @cykotykdoesgames5792 3 miesi臋cy temu +49

    Would love a behind the scenes for this. The whole vibe of the acupuncturists interacting with everyone was so good. Would love to see what had to get cut for video time

  • @poppiemuthoni3643
    @poppiemuthoni3643 3 miesi臋cy temu +98

    Zach said no no hole and i burst out laughing, then i almost dropped my coffee when he added everything else is fair game Oh My God!!馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ

  • @oliviatoler633
    @oliviatoler633 3 miesi臋cy temu +33

    I loved this video. It would be great to see a video with Zack, Keith, Eugene, and Kwesi all together.

  • @bunkertons
    @bunkertons 3 miesi臋cy temu +6

    I would watch Zach with a side of Kwesi all the time. Eugene and Keith are great, but Zach is a gem!

  • @klarityfisher8993
    @klarityfisher8993 3 miesi臋cy temu +41

    Kwasi being in a video increases it鈥檚 enjoyability by atleast 2x

  • @likevitani
    @likevitani 3 miesi臋cy temu +115

    I would have loved to hear about how he felt in the following hours

  • @samgilardi
    @samgilardi 3 miesi臋cy temu +60

    I would love a follow up as to how Zach get after!!

  • @LoganL1014
    @LoganL1014 3 miesi臋cy temu +58

    I can鈥檛 explain it but I feel like they don鈥檛 want me to try this at home

  • @vanillanoxfleuret
    @vanillanoxfleuret 3 miesi臋cy temu +4

    I love how Kwesi was affected by Zach getting acupuncture 馃槀 I love what he brings to videos

  • @LC-bj5vg
    @LC-bj5vg 3 miesi臋cy temu +19

    I really like kwesi's energy. I hope he becomes a regular but I understand that he's in school to be a pilot, am I right?

  • @angeb1177
    @angeb1177 3 miesi臋cy temu +17

    I love these acupuncturists and I love when Zach does these. Also if Kwesi makes merch that says I鈥檓 sweating or just make it a soundboard effect, imma love it. Imma buy that merch. I sweat too kwesi 馃槀

  • @allyt5325
    @allyt5325 3 miesi臋cy temu +14

    I love Zach鈥檚 videos! Acupuncture and beekeeping are two things I鈥檝e been kinda scared of, so it鈥檚 nice to been nice to see more about them

  • @brianneczechowski9209
    @brianneczechowski9209 3 miesi臋cy temu +22

    鈥淭here鈥檚 gonna be a whole bunch of smiles鈥 HOW WHOLESOME CAN YOU BE

  • @ODamWTF
    @ODamWTF 3 miesi臋cy temu +93

    Would not recommend if your body is hypersensitive or proned to keloids. My whole shoulders and chest developed a bunch from doing so. 馃様 living with it for 10+ years and it鈥檚 mad annoying. (Yep I鈥檝e seen plenty of dermatologists in that time)

    • @LC-bj5vg
      @LC-bj5vg 3 miesi臋cy temu +20

      Thanks for sharing this. I wanted to do this but I'm keloidal.

    • @mov744
      @mov744 3 miesi臋cy temu +16

      Thanks! Was wondering if it was safe for people with keloids.

    • @bug7055
      @bug7055 3 miesi臋cy temu +2

      always wanted this for nerve damage on a fracture scar area that keloided, tysm for warning us 馃槷

  • @markaylawashington7223
    @markaylawashington7223 3 miesi臋cy temu +13

    I am just surprised no needles feel out when Zach stood up. However the acupuncturists were very down to earth which created a good balance to the video!

  • @Cary0G
    @Cary0G 3 miesi臋cy temu +19

    ngl I also would have loved to see the process of removed all of them. See how many little teeny blood dots he ended up with. Whenever I got acupuncture my face would ALWAYS bleed. Obviously not a lot, but just like a couple drops and I'd be driving home with a few random little spots on my face.

  • @jack-ml8kb
    @jack-ml8kb 3 miesi臋cy temu +11

    I like how the acupuncture docs are just so unhinged in the slightest way

    • @arighostea
      @arighostea Miesi膮c temu

      like casually offering to stab the try team with needles

  • @missdire
    @missdire 3 miesi臋cy temu +3

    Zach standing up and sort of swaying artistically, he looks like a ballerina hedgehog. Very cool!

  • @everetsutton1377
    @everetsutton1377 3 miesi臋cy temu +1

    I love Kwesis' energy so much, hes just up for anything no matter what

  • @reganhulvey4213
    @reganhulvey4213 3 miesi臋cy temu +23

    As somebody who used to get acupuncture.. I wonder if any needles got left behind because that happened to me once she forgot one 馃槀 I can鈥檛 imagine having so many needles

  • @Corine__
    @Corine__ 3 miesi臋cy temu +24

    I love Kwesi's energy!

  • @elisabethgregoire3735
    @elisabethgregoire3735 3 miesi臋cy temu +35

    Zach looks so much more muscular than a few years ago! Looking good!

  • @user-st2uo3os8v
    @user-st2uo3os8v 3 miesi臋cy temu +74

    I wanted to watch them take all the needles out 馃ズ

  • @danielleking262
    @danielleking262 2 miesi臋cy temu +3

    I was with Kwesi that I'm not great with needles and I was squeamish when certain ones went in 馃槅

  • @LPdedicated
    @LPdedicated 3 miesi臋cy temu +54

    I have ADHD and suffer from severe insomnia, constant overthinking, hyperactivity and sensory issues. I tried facial acupuncture (NADA therapy) and at first I was like "where did the million thoughts go?! Where are all the noises?! Why is my body so calm?!" A few minutes later there was no thoughts at all and felt super calm and I had NEVER experienced that before. My mind was literally too calm to be blown! I highly recommend it!

  • @LivingMyLife22
    @LivingMyLife22 3 miesi臋cy temu +6

    Zach and Kwesi are such a funny duo, and now i really want to try acupuncture!

  • @binxwaxcap7832
    @binxwaxcap7832 3 miesi臋cy temu +35

    Both Zach and I said "I'm sorry WHAT" When she said that they could put acupuncture needles THROUGH the ankles

    • @jmason1770
      @jmason1770 3 miesi臋cy temu +2

      There is a Korean Englishman video where a needle was put thru Rev. Chris neck! So I'm not surprised about the ankle.

    • @stargirl7646
      @stargirl7646 3 miesi臋cy temu +1

      @@jmason1770I saw that!! I鈥檝e never been able to find an explanation for how that didn鈥檛 kill him 馃槼馃槼 I also saw a kdrama where he puts one through a wrist. HOW

  • @SarahMilesSmiles
    @SarahMilesSmiles 3 miesi臋cy temu +3

    I've tried acupuncture with two different providers. The one that actually helped me was this nice, older Chinese woman who had been an emergency room doctor before coming to the US. Maybe it was more placebo effect than her being better at it - I put much more stock in someone who understood and had practiced Western medicine saying they could help me than the kind of wishy-washy first one that talked about group acupuncture feeding off of each other's energy. Even with her, though, I just felt like I slept better after it. It didn't help with pain relief, but I was only in town for a few weeks. Maybe that just wasn't enough time. Sleeping better was definitely welcome, though!

  • @tonerrr4295
    @tonerrr4295 3 miesi臋cy temu +8

    As someone who has a severe phobia of needles I really hope I can make it through this 馃槀.

  • @collie.flowers
    @collie.flowers 3 miesi臋cy temu +14

    as a chronic pain girlie, acupuncture and cupping are top tier

  • @aaleenasif6803
    @aaleenasif6803 3 miesi臋cy temu +2

    I did acupuncture a few times a couple of years ago. It was mostly my back and scalp but I always got headaches before that and after a session my head hurt but it wasn鈥檛 a headache. It鈥檚 been like 2 years and I haven鈥檛 gotten a headache yet. My back always hurt for days after a session though. I think I have a sensitive back

  • @nsebast
    @nsebast 3 miesi臋cy temu +2

    I went to an acupuncturist once for headache. He put some needles in me and I almost fainted, it felt like like an energy was rushing out. The acupuncturist called me to wake up and I was in so much sweat. Then he asked he whether I had breakfast and I said no. He said next time please have breakfast before seeing him. The pain was gone though.

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    @makenzeegooley3705 3 miesi臋cy temu +2

    This was cool! I do acupuncture as a treatment of mine for my mental health, carpal tunnel, and pain. It鈥檚 amazing how it helps!!! Thanks for sharing

  • @Juwibrat
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    Zach: 鈥榶es鈥

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    @zoemn24 3 miesi臋cy temu +27

    Kwesi is literally me watching this... worried and going please be careful Zach, we trust these acupuncturists but why and then questioning why I鈥檓 continuing to watch? 馃槀

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    @xXGraylyResurectedXx 3 miesi臋cy temu +9

    Hello!! I love the Try Guys very much, and I鈥檓 glad the title explains the activity. I just wanted to share that a friend of mine is incredibly needle-phobic, and the thumbnail was a bit intense even for me. My friend actually shares a name with Zack! But he鈥檚 a Zach. We鈥檙e big fans and I got to warn him to avoid looking before he鈥檇 seen it, thankfully.
    I hope the whole Second Try team is doing great! 馃挌馃挋馃挏馃А

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      Zach is a Zach not a Zack 馃槀

    • @nai4812
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      the internet cant censor everything and theyre obviously gonna do the thumbnail that's gonna get the most views

    • @xXGraylyResurectedXx
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      @@eloisewakeham8829 oh you鈥檙e right, I鈥檓 all over the place today! Sorry to Zach lol

  • @JudyCZ
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    The dystopian reality of American health-care keeps fascinating me. I'm glad acupuncture is working for Zach. I just wish this didn't seem to him like the only option because he dared to have an injury at the beginning of the year.

    • @AwkwardAnxiousJennifer
      @AwkwardAnxiousJennifer 3 miesi臋cy temu +22

      I think you misunderstood. He paid so much at the beginning of the year that he actually gets his healthcare (more or less) free for the rest of the year. He's doing acupuncture twice a week because it's affordable for now, not because it's the ONLY option he has.

  • @lesmisarahbles
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    • @Fanney47
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    • @juulvandijk5041
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      Accupuncture does help with pain, but they are talking so much shit lmao. Upside down human baby ear? What? This video needs a heavy [citation needed] check

    • @fleurtherabbit
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      They didn't say it could CURE it, just treat it.

    • @clairvaux8459
      @clairvaux8459 3 miesi臋cy temu +17

      鈥婡juulvandijk5041 Pretty sure it's just a metaphor about how the ear is a gateway to treat various parts all over the body lol but it sure was phrased oddly. Old medical practices are full of metaphors

  • @MouseTheGoblin
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    @YaBoyMiz Dzie艅 temu

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  • @TanvirTarwani
    @TanvirTarwani 3 miesi臋cy temu +24

    I love this, I've heard of certain ear piercings helping with joint pain (similar to the pressure points in the ears) I often wondered if it's true

    • @arthurteddy91
      @arthurteddy91 3 miesi臋cy temu +1

      I have a daith piercing, which is one of the piercings in that category, and it does help somewhat with the migraines I get!

    • @CatDaddy.
      @CatDaddy. 3 miesi臋cy temu

      No real evidence sadly :(

  • @moonbaby1994
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    Between the treating infertility claim and the 鈥榶our ear being firm means your lower back is tight鈥欌. Big yikes. Claims like these without a notation that they are not substantiated is so dangerous!

    • @meteorrejector
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    • @Lauren769
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      I鈥檓 also a bit perturbed by the fact that there鈥檚 no gloves being used and we don鈥檛 see any sterilizing of the skin. Your skin is your first line of defence and creating all of these new holes without sterilization is just asking for infections!!

    • @CatDaddy.
      @CatDaddy. 3 miesi臋cy temu +4


    • @rachaelwhitehouse6283
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      Yes! You'd think they'd learn from the ice bath video debacle.

    • @stargirl7646
      @stargirl7646 3 miesi臋cy temu


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  • @jesslikescoffee24
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    I so want to believe accupuncture does everything these practitioners say it does. But if it did, then it wouldn鈥檛 be controversial or anything like that. It would just work for everyone and there wouldn鈥檛 be other medicines.

    • @parisrichardson2699
      @parisrichardson2699 3 miesi臋cy temu +8

      not necessarily, it helps pain, doesnt fix the cause by any means.

    • @nizbet5707
      @nizbet5707 3 miesi臋cy temu +2

      You can treat cancer with chemo, radiation or surgery. There are multiple ways to do something. It may be different from western medicine but I wouldn鈥檛 write it off just because it鈥檚 different.

  • @ernestinataleb1265
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  • @jessicaa6051
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    ive gotten acupuncture and i feel like everytime i got it i was constantly stressing bc of the needles 馃槶 which was counterproductive because i was getting acupuncture to try to get rid of my anxiety 馃槄

  • @Nerd502
    @Nerd502 3 miesi臋cy temu

    Zach out here doing all his weird/crazy ideas. Love this for his journey! 馃拋馃徎鈥嶁檧锔忦煒

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  • @oliviaavery5223
    @oliviaavery5223 3 miesi臋cy temu +3

    Acupuncture is actually so helpful and relaxing! I went for the first time when I was diagnosed with some health issues and it鈥檚 so lovely 馃槉

  • @madisonmarshall9
    @madisonmarshall9 3 miesi臋cy temu +10

    Its notoriously challenging to be a licensed acupuncturist in California. The regulations are stiff. We can support these practitioners and their habits, even if this an extreme demonstration for viewing purposes 鈽猴笍
    For all concerned about sanitation, they do swab with 70% alcohol (standard medical practice) before inserting needles into the skin. Its probably just not shown on camera. You can see a clip of a swab when they did head points on a sound guy!
    Further, its up the the practitioner if they wear gloves since the risk of blood-borne pathogens is lower than other professions (but not impossible). If you wear gloves with one patient, you have to wear them with all patients.
    All needles are single use and come packaged in sterile wrappings. These are standardized and only can be purchased by licensed practitioners and students (in Canada anyways).
    Acupuncture is a 3-4 year program with biomedical sciences and eastern medicine components. Physios and other "medical acupuncturists" take continued education courses that are about 1/4-1/3 of the time of acupuncture programs.
    As always, continue to do your research! Find licensed professionals with qualified education. Each practitioner has a different vibe but all should be practicing based on their locations standards.
    A great resource is your state/provincial regulatory body for acupuncture; they are responsible for protecting the patients, not the practitioners.

    • @sara6423
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      Love all this information! Thanks for taking the time to share :)

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